How Much Does It Cost To Install A Hot Water Cylinder?

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Hot Water Cylinder?

Does your problem begin with hot water and end in a cold shower? If you’re building or renovating your home, caught out with a leaking hot water cylinder, or want to become more energy-efficient, it’s time to look at replacing your old water heater. But this raises a natural question – how much will that cost you?

In this article, we’ll give you a handy guide to the prices you can expect when you’re installing a new water heater.

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3 Factors Affecting Your Water Heater Installation’s Price

Electric water cylinders, gas continuous flow, and heat pump water heaters – there are many kinds of hot water cylinders on the market. The prices between different heaters can vary enormously, so the model of water heater you choose will have a big difference to the cost of the installation.

The extent of work that has to be done will also impact how much you pay for your water heater installation. If you’re switching from electric to gas, you’ll need new fixtures like gas hobs, which will mean lots of extra costs to consider.

The price of your installation will also depend on who you choose to do it. Qualified, licensed plumbers, electricians, and gas fitters will charge higher fees, but you’ll get the peace of mind knowing you’ve got a hot water cylinder you can rely on.

How Much You Can Expect To Pay For Your Installation

If you’ve moved into an old house, you’ll probably have an old, low-pressure water heater. Replacing this with a new, high-pressure model (for instance, if you’re switching to modern tapware) will cost you over $1000.

A new electric water heater will cost approximately $2000-$3000 to install and get set up for daily use.

A new gas continuous flow system costs the same, at about $2000-$3000. But because you’ll need a registered gas fitter and plumber, the installation can come at a higher cost. You could also face higher running costs if you don’t have access to a supply of natural gas and end up using LPG gas bottles instead.

A new heat pump water heater is the most expensive option. They can cost about $4000-$8000 to install. But they’re far more efficient to run than standard water heaters, which means that you’ll benefit from much lower running costs.

Hot water heating makes up about 30% of the average household energy bill, so it’s worth giving real thought to the best system for your home. An efficient system could save you much more on energy bills in the long run.

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