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Gas Hot Water Systems

Looking for gas hot water storage in Auckland, NZ, such as a Rheem or Rinnai unit? Looking to replace your existing Vulcan Freeloader or Rheem external storage unit with a new like-for-like Rheem Stellar or upgrade to a Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater System? Gas is an old-time favourite for Kiwi hot water needs in Auckland, NZ. But if the time has come to repair or upgrade your old gas hot water system, turn to the experienced professionals. The team at Hot Water Solutions offer expert gas water heater in NZ installation and maintenance services in NZ. With over 60 years of industry experience, we perform every job to the highest safety and quality standards.

We offer heaters from leading brands, including Rheem Stellar for storage and Rheem, Rinnai, Thermann and Dux for continuous flow gas hot water. Hot water gas heaters provide an unlimited supply of accurately temperature-controlled, safe, potable hot water, making them a water heater of choice. If you’d like more information on these systems or our services for gas hot water services in NZ, just contact our friendly team at 0800 497658, today.

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What are the Benefits of Gas Hot Water Heaters?

Gas water heating offers a wide range of benefits. A gas hot water system only heats water when in use, which helps you save on your energy bills.

As we’re fortunate enough to have an ample supply of natural gas here in NZ, gas water heating can be more energy efficient than other systems, and friendlier for the planet, too. They’re a great choice if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. They produce fewer greenhouse emissions than electric hot water cylinders – what an environmentally conscious choice! In addition, they take up less space than traditional cylinder tank or boiler systems, making them a great option if you’re in a small home or apartment building.

As the water in a gas hot water system does not come out of a tank, it can often be much cleaner. Old systems, especially ones that don’t use stainless steel, are prone to rust. This rust can contaminate the water, which threatens your family’s health.

How does a Hot Water Heat Pump work?

These hot water heat pumps don’t generate any direct heat themselves. Instead, they extract heat from the ambient air, and, by moving the heat from one place to another, transfer it to stored water. This allows them to run at a consistently optimised rate while saving considerably on energy bills. As they don’t directly heat the water themselves, they’re also a much safer option than traditional gas heaters, making them an excellent choice for households with small children and the elderly.

There are two main types of heat pump hot water systems – all-in-one systems where the pump is attached to the cylinder, and split systems, where the hot water cylinder is located inside the house, but the pump is outside. With this range of options on hand, it can be hard to choose the best pump for your needs – but the team at Hot Water Solutions is more than happy to offer friendly, professional advice on the right fit for your home or business. Just give us a call at 0800 497658.

Rinnai gas hot water systems

If you’re looking for the ideal gas hot water system for your needs, Rinnai’s INFINITY gas and INFINITY hot water models are great choices. These systems, engineered in Japan, merge affordability with compact sizing and excellent performance. They’re easy to maintain, convenient, and cost-efficient.

In addition, a Rinnai instant hot water gas heater allows you to pre-set your desired water temperature, which removes the risks associated with scalding, pre-heated water. This makes them great for families with young children and the elderly. Rinnai gas hot water heaters are a flexible, eco-friendly, cost-effective solution for residential homes and commercial buildings of any size.

Gas Hot Water Heater NZ Servicing, Installation, and Repairs

At Hot Water Solutions, we offer a comprehensive service covering all your hot water heaters needs. Our plumbers and gas-fitters will visit your site to assess its specific requirements, and use our decades of industry knowledge to suggest the best solution for your unique needs.

It’s vital to ensure that you regularly service your gas hot water system. Annual maintenance is essential if you want to prevent unforeseen breakdowns, leading to inconvenient, time-consuming, costly repairs. By regularly servicing your water heater, you can ensure that it will run flawlessly all year around. When you choose Hot Water Solutions, you’re choosing a team with the skills and experience to ensure that all your hot water systems are kept in top condition. We’ll take the time to perform detailed examinations, saving you future troubles – and costs.

So, if you’re looking for answers to your gas hot water heater problems, the team at Hot Water Solutions can help. We can handle your gas hot water system installation, service, and maintenance with professionalism and care. What’s more, we’ll arrange our inspections at your convenience, providing you hassle-free peace of mind. We’re happy to look at your current gas water heating system and advise you on what work we recommend having done. We can also happily and gladly install new solutions if you’d prefer. We carry a wide selection of gas hot water units. Just contact us at 0800 497658, and our friendly team will be able to organise a visit to your site at a time that suits you.

At Hot Water Solutions, our water heaters are second to none, and we look forward to helping you!