Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump

The Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump (APHP-R290-260) is a revolutionary solution for eco-conscious homeowners.

If you are looking to maximise energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint, this is a great product to consider.

This cutting-edge water heating system combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to deliver exceptional performance and significant cost savings.
apricus heat pump all in one

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What is the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump All About?

The Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump is a comprehensive water heating solution designed to meet the needs of modern households. With its 260L storage capacity, it can comfortably serve up to 6 people, making it ideal for medium to large families.

At the heart of this system is its innovative heat pump technology, which extracts heat from the surrounding air to warm water efficiently. This process is significantly more energy-efficient than traditional electric or gas water heaters, resulting in potential energy savings of up to 70%.

The unit employs R290 refrigerant, a natural and environmentally friendly option with zero global warming potential. This choice of refrigerant, combined with the system’s high efficiency, contributes to its impressive annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tons.

apricus all in one heat pump

Key Features and Benefits of Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump

Before buying the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump, it is worth to take a look at all the features that come along with it. Let’s take a look at the most prominent features that you can get with this water pump.

  1. Energy Efficiency

  • Up to 70% energy savings compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters

  • COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 4.13W/W, indicating high efficiency

  • Potential to reduce energy costs by up to 3 times

  1. Environmental Impact

  • Uses R290 natural refrigerant with zero global warming potential

  • Registered Clean Energy product with an annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tons

  • Eligible for various rebate schemes (STC, VEEC & ESC)

  1. Capacity and Performance

  • 260L storage volume, suitable for up to 6 people

  • Maximum water temperature of 70°C

  • Heating water production rate of 65L/hr

  1. Smart Technology

  • Free mobile app for remote monitoring and control

  • Smart touch screen controller for easy system optimisation

  • Real-time power usage monitoring

  1. Versatility

  • Dual heating technology with incorporated electric element

  • Multiple operational modes (Auto, Eco, Boost, Electric)

  • Wide ambient operational temperature range (-7°C to +43°C)

  1. Durability and Reliability

  • 6-year warranty on all system parts

  • 1-year labour warranty from the installation date

  • IPX4 waterproof rating

Technology and Innovation

This hot water heat pump comes with numerous advanced technologies. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent technologies you can find out of them.

Heat Pump Technology

The hot water heat pump uses advanced heat pump technology to achieve its remarkable efficiency. By extracting heat from the ambient air and transferring it to the water, the system can produce hot water using minimal electricity. The heat pump has a rated power of 665W and a heating capacity of 2600W, demonstrating its ability to generate more heat energy than the electrical energy it consumes.

Dual Heating Technology

In addition to the heat pump, the system incorporates an electric heating element rated at 1800W. This dual heating approach ensures that the unit can meet high demand situations and maintain performance even in challenging conditions. The electric element also allows the system to reach higher temperatures of up to 70°C when needed.

Smart Controls and Monitoring

One of the standout features of the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump is its smart control system. The unit comes with a user-friendly touch screen controller that makes it easy to optimise settings and monitor performance. Additionally, the free mobile app allows users to:

  • Monitor operational data, including tank temperature and total power usage

  • Access historic data for easy fault finding and troubleshooting

  • Adjust operational modes remotely

  • Set timers for heating cycles

  • Monitor temperature in real-time

This level of control and monitoring empowers users to maximise efficiency and tailor the system’s operation to their specific needs.

Installation and Integration

Dimensions and Space Requirements

The Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump is designed for easy installation in various settings. Its compact dimensions (1800mm height, 620mm width, 1165mm depth) make it suitable for many residential spaces. The unit requires minimal clearance:

  • 50mm on each side

  • 600mm at the front

  • 200mm at the back

Integration with Existing Systems

The system can be easily integrated into existing plumbing setups with its standard G3/4″ water pipe connections. It’s also designed to work seamlessly with photovoltaic (PV) systems, allowing homeowners to maximise their solar energy usage through timer-controlled heat-up cycles.

Safety Features

The unit comes equipped with several safety features, including:

  • A safety relief valve

  • PTRV (Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve) rated at 850kPa

  • T&P Valve Power of 10kW

  • Maximum allowable pressure of 3.0MPa

apricus all in one heat pump

Operational Modes and Flexibility

The Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump offers four distinct operational modes to suit various needs and preferences:

Auto Mode

  • Temperature range: 60°C

  • Max temp (Heat Pump): 60°C

  • Max temp (Element): 60°C Ideal for everyday use, balancing efficiency and performance.

Eco Mode

  • Temperature range: 60°C

  • Max temp (Heat Pump): 60°C

  • Max temp (Element): N/A Maximises energy efficiency by relying solely on the heat pump.

Boost Mode

  • Temperature range: 60°C – 70°C

  • Max temp (Heat Pump): 60°C

  • Max temp (Element): 70°C Combines heat pump and electric element for rapid heating to higher temperatures.

Electric Mode

  • Temperature range: 60°C – 70°C

  • Max temp (Heat Pump): N/A

  • Max temp (Element): 70°C Relies on the electric element for heating, useful in conditions where heat pump efficiency may be reduced.

This flexibility allows users to optimise their hot water production based on current needs, environmental conditions, and energy preferences.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

The Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump stands out for its exceptional energy efficiency, which translates directly into cost savings for homeowners. Here’s a deeper look at how this system can impact your energy consumption and bills:

Coefficient of Performance (COP)

With a COP of 4.13W/W, the system produces 4.13 units of heat energy for every unit of electrical energy consumed. This high efficiency ratio is a key factor in reducing energy costs.

Comparison with Conventional Systems

When compared to traditional electric or gas water heaters, the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump can reduce energy costs by up to 3 times. This significant difference stems from its ability to extract heat from the ambient air rather than generating heat directly from electricity or gas combustion.

Long-term Savings

While the initial investment in a heat pump system may be higher than conventional water heaters, the long-term savings can be substantial. Over the life of the system, many homeowners find that the reduced energy costs more than offset the initial price difference.

Real-time Monitoring for Optimised Usage

The system’s real-time power usage monitoring capability allows households to take control of their power bills. By providing visibility into energy consumption patterns, users can make informed decisions about their hot water usage and system settings to further maximise efficiency.

Environmental Benefits

In an era where environmental consciousness is more important than ever, the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump offers significant ecological advantages:

Zero Global Warming Potential Refrigerant

The use of R290 natural refrigerant sets this system apart from many others on the market. Unlike synthetic refrigerants that can have a significant global warming potential if released into the atmosphere, R290 (propane) has zero global warming potential.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

As a registered Clean Energy product with an annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tonnes, this heat pump can play a crucial role in reducing a household’s overall carbon footprint. This reduction is equivalent to:

  • Planting approximately 50 trees

  • Taking an average car off the road for about 8 months

Integration with Renewable Energy

The system’s ability to integrate with PV systems allows homeowners to further reduce their reliance on grid electricity. By timing heat-up cycles to coincide with peak solar production, users can maximise their use of clean, renewable energy.

Durability and Maintenance

Robust Construction

The Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump is built to last, with high-quality components designed to withstand years of operation. Its IPX4 waterproof rating ensures protection against water splashes from any direction, enhancing its durability in various installation environments.

Comprehensive Warranty

The system comes with an extensive 6-year warranty covering all system parts, providing peace of mind to homeowners. Additionally, labour is covered for the first year after the installation date, ensuring worry-free operation during the critical initial period.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Due to its efficient design and quality construction, the system requires minimal maintenance. However, regular checks and occasional servicing can help ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Built-in Protective Features

The unit includes several protective features to prevent damage and ensure safe operation:

  • Anode rod to protect against corrosion

  • Electric anode for additional protection

  • Thermal sensor to monitor and control water temperature

  • Safety relief valve to prevent overpressure

apricus all in one heat pump

User Experience and Convenience

Smart Touch Screen Controller

The integrated smart touch screen controller provides an intuitive interface for users to adjust settings, monitor performance, and optimise their system. This easy-to-use control panel makes it simple for homeowners to get the most out of their heat pump without needing technical expertise.

Mobile App Integration

The Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump is the first in the market to offer an Australian-owned mobile app. This free application extends the user’s control and monitoring capabilities beyond the physical unit. Key features of the app include:

  • Remote adjustment of operational modes

  • Setting timers for heating cycles

  • Real-time temperature monitoring

  • Access to historical operational data

  • Easy troubleshooting using recorded data

Quiet Operation

With a noise level of just 43dB, the system operates quietly, minimising disturbance to household activities or neighbours. This low noise output makes it suitable for installation in various locations around the home.

Consistent Hot Water Supply

The combination of the 260L storage tank and the efficient heating capabilities ensures a consistent supply of hot water for households of up to 6 people. The heating water production rate of 65L/hr means that the tank can be quickly replenished even during periods of high demand.

Technical Specifications

For those interested in the detailed technical aspects of the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump, here’s a comprehensive overview of its specifications:

    • Model: APHP-R290-260

    • Rated Water Capacity: 260L

    • Refrigerant: R290 (400g)

    • Rated Voltage: 220V – 240V

    • Rated Frequency: 50Hz

    • Maximum Input Power: 2800W

    • Maximum Input Current: 14.0A

    • Heat Pump Rated Power: 665W

    • Heat Pump Rated Current: 3.0A

    • Electric Heater Rated Power: 1800W

    • Electric Heater Rated Current: 8A

    • COP (Coefficient of Performance): 4.13W/W

    • Heating Capacity: 2600W

    • Water Pipe Diameter: G3/4″

    • Maximum Allowable Pressure: 3.0MPa

    • Maximum Working Pressure (Suction Side): 3.0MPa

    • Maximum Working Pressure (Exhaust Side): 0.8MPa

    • PTRV Rating: 850kPa

    • T&P Valve Power: 10kW

    • Noise Level: 43dB

    • Net Weight: 118kg

    • Dimensions: 1800mm (H) x 620mm (W) x 1165mm (D)

    • Ambient Operational Temperature Range: -7°C to +43°C

apricus all in one heat pump

Comparison with Other Water Heating Solutions

To fully appreciate the advantages of the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump, it’s useful to compare it with other common water heating solutions:

vs. Traditional Electric Water Heaters

  • Energy Efficiency: The heat pump is up to 3 times more efficient.

  • Operating Costs: Significantly lower due to reduced electricity consumption.

  • Environmental Impact: Much lower carbon footprint.

  • Initial Cost: Higher but offset by long-term energy savings.

vs. Gas Water Heaters

  • Fuel Source: Electricity vs. gas, making it more suitable for homes without gas connections.

  • Efficiency: Generally more efficient, especially when paired with solar PV.

  • Environmental Impact: Lower emissions, especially when used with renewable electricity.

  • Safety: No risk of gas leaks or carbon monoxide emissions.

vs. Solar Water Heaters

  • Weather Dependence: Less affected by cloudy weather or seasonal variations.

  • Space Requirements: Typically requires less installation space.

  • Initial Cost: Often lower than a complete solar thermal system.

  • Efficiency in Cold Climates: Better performance in colder regions.

vs. Other Heat Pumps

  • Refrigerant: Uses eco-friendly R290 instead of synthetic refrigerants.

  • Smart Features: Advanced app integration and monitoring capabilities.

  • Warranty: Comprehensive 6-year warranty exceeds many competitors.

Case Studies and Customer Testimonials

“We installed the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump six months ago, and our electricity bills have dropped by 40%. The app makes it easy to optimise our hot water usage, and we love knowing we’re reducing our carbon footprint.” – The Johnson Family

“As a plumber, I’ve installed many water heaters, but the Apricus system stands out for its ease of installation and the positive feedback I get from customers. The smart features and energy savings are a big hit.” – Mark T.

“Living in a colder region, I was sceptical about heat pump performance. But the Apricus unit has exceeded my expectations, providing reliable hot water even on the chilliest days.” – Sarah L.

Installation Process and Considerations

While professional installation is recommended, understanding the process can help homeowners prepare:

Site Preparation

  • Ensure a stable, level surface capable of supporting the unit’s 118kg weight.

  • Allow for required clearances: 50mm on sides, 600mm in front, 200mm at back.

  • Prepare electrical connections: The unit requires a 220V-240V, 50Hz supply.

Plumbing Connections

  • Cold water inlet and hot water outlet connections (G3/4″ diameter).

  • Installation of the provided PTRV (Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve).

  • Proper drainage for the condensate water outlet.

Electrical Connections

  • Must be performed by a licensed electrician.

  • Ensure proper grounding and circuit protection.

System Setup

  • Initial filling and pressure testing of the tank.

  • Configuration of the smart controller and mobile app.

  • Explanation of operational modes and features to the homeowner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump work?

It extracts heat from the surrounding air and uses it to warm water in the tank, supplemented by an electric element when needed.

What makes this system more efficient than traditional water heaters?

Its heat pump technology can produce more heat energy than the electrical energy it consumes, resulting in a high COP of 4.13W/W.

Can it provide enough hot water for my family?

With a 260L capacity and a heating water production rate of 65L/hr, it’s designed to meet the needs of households with up to 6 people.

How does the R290 refrigerant benefit the environment?

R290 is a natural refrigerant with zero global warming potential, making it much more environmentally friendly than synthetic refrigerants.

What temperatures can the system achieve?

The system can heat water up to 70°C, with various modes offering different maximum temperatures.

How noisy is the unit during operation?

With a noise level of 43dB, it’s relatively quiet – comparable to a library or a quiet suburb at night.

Can I control the system when I’m not at home?

Yes, the free mobile app allows you to monitor and control the system remotely.

What kind of maintenance does the system require?

The system is designed for low maintenance, but regular checks and occasional servicing by a professional can help ensure optimal performance and longevity.

How does the warranty work?

The system comes with a 6-year warranty on all parts and a 1-year warranty on labour from the date of installation.

Can it work in cold climates?

Yes, the system is designed to operate in ambient temperatures from -7°C to +43°C, making it suitable for New Zealand climate. You will not have to worry about the functionality of your hot water heat pump during summer months or winter season.

How does it integrate with my existing solar PV system?

The system can be set to heat water during peak solar production times, maximising the use of your solar energy.

Future Proofing Your Home with the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump

As we move towards a more sustainable future, the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump positions your home at the forefront of energy efficiency and smart technology. This system isn’t just about meeting today’s needs; it’s about preparing for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

With increasing focus on reducing household carbon emissions, this heat pump’s eco-friendly R290 refrigerant and high efficiency align perfectly with future environmental regulations. Its compatibility with solar PV systems also future proofs your home for the continued growth of renewable energy.

The smart features of the Apricus system, including its touchscreen controller and mobile app, put it in line with the growing trend of home automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). As smart home technology evolves, this heat pump is well-positioned to integrate with broader home energy management systems.

Moreover, as energy prices continue to fluctuate, the system’s real-time monitoring and adjustable modes allow homeowners to adapt quickly to changing conditions, ensuring optimal efficiency regardless of external factors.

Get Your Eco-Friendly Hot Water Heat Pump Today

The Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump (APHP-R290-260) represents a significant leap forward in residential water heating technology. By combining energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, and smart home integration, it offers a comprehensive solution for modern households looking to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

By choosing the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump, homeowners are not just investing in a water heating system; they’re embracing a more sustainable and cost-effective approach to meeting their household’s hot water needs. As energy prices continue to rise and environmental concerns become increasingly pressing, this innovative system positions itself as a forward-thinking solution that balances performance, efficiency, and ecological responsibility.

Whether you’re building a new home, replacing an ageing water heater, or looking to reduce your energy consumption, the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump offers a compelling package that addresses the needs of modern, environmentally conscious consumers. Its blend of cutting-edge technology, user-friendly features, and eco-friendly design makes it a standout choice in the residential water heating market.

By investing in this system, you’re not just ensuring a reliable supply of hot water for your home – you’re taking a significant step towards a more sustainable and economical future. The Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump isn’t just a product; it’s a statement about the kind of world we want to live in and the responsible choices we can make to get there.

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apricus all in one heat pump
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