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Mains pressure water is delivered to your home from the street’s water main.

The storage size of a hot water cylinder is based on how much hot water is required over a period of time.

A larger family home with multiple bathrooms will require more stored hot water to be available in peak use times than a home with a single bathroom.

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In most cases it is not a cost effective option, especially given parts needing replacement. The cost of a new cylinder is relatively cheap.

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  • Faulty temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Incorrect water pressure
  • Faulty element (no hot water)
  • Faulty thermostat (overheating)
  • Leak from plumbing connections
  • Uneven pressure
  • Lack of pressure; usually faulty valves

When it comes to comparing hot water heating solutions it’s hard to go past heat pump transfer technology.

Hot water heat pumps have been endorsed as one of the most effective forms of heating water by government agencies, such as (EECA) Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

Heat pump systems are often the simplest replacement for an existing electric hot water cylinder.

Heat pump water heaters on average consume about a third of the electricity that traditional electric water heaters do.

Regular maintenance of your hot water system can help ensure that it runs smoothly and safely. This includes emptying the tank at least once a year.

Most probably. If you have natural gas piped in your street its as simple as contacting your energy retailer for an installation quote.

This can be expensive though if you live down a long driveway or in an area that is predominately rock. Mt Eden is a good example of a rocky area.

LPG – bottled gas can be installed in most areas.It must be installed in a compliant accessible location but is a good alternative if natural gas isn’t available or to expensive to put in.

There are few reasons that the water would be discoloured:

Incoming water is contaminated.

Pipework and valving may be the cause.

Cylinder could be breaking down due to age or sacrificial anode being completely gone.

Only registered plumbers and gasfitters are allowed to install.

The most efficient type of hot water system is a heat pump hot water system or solar hot water system and combined they are definitely the most money saving and efficient solution, depending on your current energy saving power plan. 

This enables your energy supplier to turn your water heating off during peak times.

Doing so can be the cause of no hot water on some occasions if it is faulty and doesn’t turn back on.

Your hot water system should typically be replaced every 10 years or so, as many components can become worn over time and deteriorate. It is a good idea to check the condition of your system regularly and check the manufacturer instructions for any further advice.

Yes, if you are replacing an older and less efficient cylinder. There are also a number of things you can do to save money on your existing hot water cylinder.

For real savings we suggest installing a hot water heat pump.

Installing a hot water heat pump can save you up to 71% of your heating costs when compared with a standard electric hot water cylinder.

The best hot water system for your home depends on a number of factors, including the number of people, the amount of hot water you require and the type of energy available. Generally, an electric storage cylinder water heater is the simplest and most affordable solution, while a heat pump, solar or gas water heater may be more efficient and cost effective in the long run.