What Size of a Hot Water Cylinder Should I Install?

When you start searching for a new hot water cylinder for your home, you will notice one thing almost immediately – there are many different models and sizes of tanks to choose from. Having a wide selection is fantastic for finding the perfect heater or cylinder for your household. However, having so many choices can make your decision more difficult, especially if you don’t know much about hot water cylinders.

One big choice that you’ll face when selecting a new system is what size cylinder you should get. Should you go for the biggest size to be safe, or do you want the smaller one to save room?

If you’re wondering what will be the perfect size for your home, keep reading to learn more.

Cylinder Size

What Should I Think About When Selecting A Cylinder Size?

Overall, getting a new hot water heating system for your home is terrific. A new system ensures that you can enjoy lovely heated water, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality heated water without worrying about old sediment and your newer model will undoubtedly be better than your old one.

Typically, a hot water cylinder can last for around a decade. Therefore you should take your choice of new cylinder seriously because it could affect your household for many, many years. Making the wrong choice could create an issue for your home and even cost you more money if you decide to replace your new cylinder with a better one.

So, this brings up a crucial question – what should you think about when selecting your new hot water cylinder’s size? Although specific circumstances will affect this decision, there’s one fundamental thing you should think about when you’re choosing a size:

How Many People Are In Your Household? The most significant factor you need to think about is how many people are in your home. Of course, the number of people in your household will affect how many people utilise the hot water cylinder. To ensure that everyone can comfortably use pleasantly heated water whenever they need it, you will need an adequately-sized hot water cylinder.

Naturally, if you get a hot water cylinder that is too small to satisfy everyone in your home, the water may be used up too quickly. Conversely, if you get a hot water cylinder that is too big, everyone in your house will most likely be able to use the average amount of water that they typically use. However, this will also mean that you may have spent extra money for a larger tank that you didn’t have to get. In addition, of course, larger tanks will take up more space.


In General, What Size Would Be Best For My Household?

You can conveniently determine what size water cylinder you’ll need by comparing how much water the cylinder holds to how many people are going to be using it. Although, these numbers are based on how much people use in general and may not precisely fit every situation.

Some product pages even list what size cylinder you should get depending on the people in your home. You should know that if your home has one to three people, you should get a 135-litre cylinder. If your home has three to five people, you should get a 180-litre cylinder. If your home has three to six people, you may want to get a 250-litre cylinder. Finally, if your household has four to six people, you might want to opt for a 300-litre cylinder.

Gas Water Heater

What If I Want To Buy A Tankless Water Heater?

Obviously, if you go for a high-quality gas water heater, you won’t have to worry about selecting water cylinder sizes. However, this doesn’t mean you should still disregard how many people a gas water heater will serve.

Gas water heaters, like continuous flow gas hot water heaters, don’t require a cylinder to store water and instead conveniently supply water on demand. Still, different models are better suited for different kinds of households.

To determine what kind of gas water heater is ideal for your household, you should consider speaking to the seller directly for more information.

Who Can I Talk To About Finding The Best Hot Water Heater For My Home?

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