Save Money and Environment With Green Hot Water Heaters

With convenient utilities like electricity, gas and water, we can enjoy life and treat ourselves every day – but just because something feels good doesn’t mean it’s always good, especially for the environment. Over-consumption of resources may help us feel like royalty, but if you want to lessen your impact on the earth, it’s wise to pay attention to how much you use. Luckily, with great gas hot water heaters designed to be great for you and the earth, you can be eco-friendly and comfortable.

In addition to getting an efficient new heater, there are also plenty of things you can do yourself to save water and energy. Doing so will be better for the environment through less usage and better for your wallet through smaller utility bills.

If you care about your comfort and your energy and water usage, keep reading to learn more about how you can improve!
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What Hot Water Heater Should I Get If I Want To Be Environmentally Friendly?

First thing’s first – what kinds of hot water heaters should you go for if you want to get something that’s eco-friendly? Before you settle on a specific type or model of gas hot water heater, you should always reflect on your water heating wants and needs.
Certain kinds of water heaters may work better for people in specific areas or those with particular homes.

Therefore, you should never go with the first thing you see and always make intelligent decisions. After all, your new water heater will most likely serve your household for many years, so making sure it’s great for you is essential.

When it comes to being energy-efficient, you may want to consider getting a high-end continuous flow gas water heater. Unlike many other heaters that require a large storage tank to function correctly, continuous flow gas hot water heaters are tankless and simply heat water when you need it.

Not having to manage a water storage tank can be fantastic for those who want to free up space in their homes. This can be particularly advantageous for those who live in smaller homes and don’t like big storage tanks taking up so much space.

Because continuous flow water heaters only use energy when you need them to heat water, you can use as little power as you like. So, instead of a heater constantly running in the background, even when you’re not using it, you can happily know that you’re not wasting any energy or water.

What Else Can I Do To Lessen My Impact On The Earth And My Utility Bill?


Once your wonderful new hot water heater is installed, if you want to take some extra measures to ensure you’re as environmentally friendly as you can be, you should consider these helpful tips:

Turn Your Water Heater’s Thermostat Down. Most water heater thermostats come at a default setting that most people find comfortable. However, the average person can stand to have their hot water a bit colder than the default setting. So naturally, making water hotter takes more energy, so lowering the temperature will take less energy.

To find your perfect temperature, you can lower your gas hot water heater’s thermostat a bit and then see how it feels. If you choose to, you can keep lowering your thermostat until you find a temperature that is hot enough to be comfortable but not cold enough to be unpleasant.

Be Mindful Of How Much Hot Water You Use. Because we’re all used to heated water, sometimes we don’t realise just how much we use it. The next time you utilise heated water, you should try to pay attention to just how much you use and ask yourself how you can cut down on your usage.

Use Cold Water When You Can. Heated water is lovely, but we don’t need it every time we use water. If you choose to use cold water sometimes, you can save the energy that you would have used to heat the water.

Where Can I Get A Modern, High-Quality Water Heater For My New Zealand Home?

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At Hot Water Solutions, our water heaters are second to none, and we look forward to helping you!

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