Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder: Understanding Your Water Pressure Options

Good water pressure is something that can really affect our comfort. Water pressure makes showers feel better, it makes water come out faster, and overall, it makes our lives a little bit easier. You’ll certainly appreciate a high-quality mains pressure hot water cylinder if you enjoy good water pressure levels.

Is your home currently suffering from unusually low water pressure? There may be something wrong with your building’s plumbing system, or it could be time to upgrade to a new hot water system that’s designed to provide you with excellent high water pressure. We’ll help you understand what exactly a mains pressure water cylinder is, how it can make your life better and what you can do to alter your home’s water pressure levels yourself. Yes, the temperature of your water affects more than just how lovely your showers are. All smart NZ homeowners should consider their hot water options if they want to improve their homes for themselves and their families.
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What Is A Mains Pressure Water Cylinder?

To put it simply, a mains pressure hot water cylinder can store your water like a standard water storage tank can, except mains pressure water cylinders will store your water under relatively high pressure. This means that it can supply you with water at a higher level than normal.

A mains pressure water cylinder can enhance your home’s water pressure and water flow rate. Therefore, your water will come out of your taps faster and stronger – no more waiting forever for larger quantities of water!

Better water pressure can improve your quality of life by saving you time when you need water. Plus, it’ll make showers quicker and more efficient. A higher flow rate means that water can come out quickly, which means you’ll have access to the water you need much faster.

It can be difficult to understand if your home has good water pressure levels because it’s what you’re used to. What you think is ‘normal’ could be high or low. Either way, if you want to improve your water pressure, you should consider installing a mains pressure hot water cylinder.

The Water Pressure Options That You Should Know About

Before you order and install a mains pressure water cylinder, you should understand the different aspects of this type of water system.

One notable thing about these types of hot water cylinders is that they can come in rather large sizes. For example, the Rheem Cylinder 300L SS can hold up to 300 litres; it’s perfect for larger households! Plus, this model can offer you a flow rate of 40l per minute, which is exceptionally good. This means that you can have multiple taps running without compromising the temperature or flow rate of any of them.

Mains pressure hot water cylinders are great for family households because they allow multiple people to use hot water without disrupting anyone else. However, they’re also a wonderful choice for smaller homes because they’ll improve your comfort and efficiency.

Another quality of this type of water system is that they’re ideal for outdoor installation. Some hot water cylinders do better when installed inside to keep them safe from weather damage, but it’s not always easy to find space indoors to install them. On the other hand, high-quality mains pressure hot water systems, particularly ones made with durable stainless steel, do well when installed outdoors because they’re strong and won’t break easily.

Basically, mains pressure water cylinders:

Come in a wide range of sizes. No matter how much water your household uses, you’ll find an option that’s right for you.

Offer you fantastic water pressure. Standard low-pressure hot water cylinders typically provide water at around 75 kpa, whereas mains pressure hot water cylinders can offer you water pressure levels up to 500 kpa.

Are durable and suited to outdoor installation. Installing your water cylinder outdoors gives you more space indoors.

Other Ways You Can Improve Your Home’s Water Pressure

Installing a new system is a fantastic way to better your home’s water pressure, but it’s not the only way. You can pair that smart decision with others to make your home’s plumbing even better.

If you are suddenly experiencing low water pressure, there could be an issue at hand that you should fix. Three of the most common causes of sudden low water pressure are:

Obstructed Pipes. Your water won’t flow if your pipes are clogged! Blocked pipes can affect your water quality and your flow rate. You should do what you can to clear your pipes.

Your Main Water Valve Isn’t Open All The Way. Your water won’t flow as well if your main water valve is partially closed. Open the valve all the way to bring your water back to normal.

There’s Water Work Being Done. If there’s any work being done on your area’s water systems, your water pressure may drop. This is most likely the case if your neighbours are also experiencing low water pressure. Fixing this issue is easy – simply wait for the work to finish, and your water should return to normal.

Aside from those issues, there are also other things you can do to potentially boost your water pressure. For example:

Fix Leaky, Damaged Pipes. Pipes that leak waste a lot of water and lower your flow rate. Fix or replace any damaged pipes you notice as soon as you can.

Clean Taps And Faucets. Minerals can build up over time, potentially reducing your flow rate. Routinely clean your taps and faucets.

Speak To A Professional. Still want to increase your water pressure? Speak to a professional who has experience with hot water heaters to ask them about what you should do. They’ll give you the advice you deserve!

How You Can Learn More About Your Water Pressure Options In New Zealand

A brand-new mains pressure hot water cylinder can do so much for your household, so what are you waiting for? Learn more about what’s best for your home with Hot Water Solutions! We can chat with you to discover the best steps for your situation. We have plenty of high-quality mains pressure water cylinders available on our site. We also have boilers, gas hot water heaters, electric hot water heaters, hot water heat pumps and more!

Feel free to give our team a call at 0800497658 or contact us through our website if you’d like some assistance with your home’s hot water system or if you have any questions for us.

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