Cloudy Hot Water: Causes and Solutions for Clearer, Safer Tap Water

You go to get some lovely hot water, you put a glass up to the tap and turn your faucet, but then you get a surprise – lots of cloudy hot water! Seeing your normally clear water come out cloudy and discoloured can be a bit of a shock, and you’d undoubtedly be concerned for your health and your safety.

Why is your tap water coming out cloudy? What can you do to fix this issue? Is this water safe to use, or should you toss it?

It’s essential that you learn the answer to these questions if your water is coming out cloudy. Understanding your situation will help you make the right decisions to get your water back to normal and to protect the health of you and your family.

Continue reading to learn: The most common causes of cloudy hot water; Whether or not this cloudy water is safe to use; What you can do to fix your situation.
Filling up a glass with clean drinking water from kitchen faucet

What Causes Cloudy Hot Water?

There are a few reasons why your water may be coming out cloudy, so you may need to do a few things to determine the true reason why your water is the way it is.

The most common reasons why water comes out cloudy are:

Many Trapped Air Bubbles. The most common reason your water may be cloudy is tiny air bubbles. These numerous tiny bubbles can give the illusion of discolouration or cloudiness due to new substances, but once they all rise and dissipate, your water should be clear again.

The main causes of trapped air bubbles are high water pressure or temperature changes. High water pressure can cause these bubbles to appear and make your water look cloudy. Or, the temperature fluctuations caused by heating your water could be causing the bubbles to appear. Water expands when heated, which can cause gases to become trapped in the water.

If you have cloudy hot water and you think that tiny trapped air bubbles may be causing the cloudiness, you should get a glass of water from the tap and set it down to observe it. If the cloudiness is caused by bubbles, the bubbles should soon rise to the top and dissipate, leaving you with nice clear water.

The Presence Of Hard Water. ‘Hard water’ refers to water that has a substantial amount of mineral deposits in it. These minerals can make your water appear cloudier or a bit more discoloured than clear tap water and will leave a chalky residue if you boil it in a pot.

A significant issue with hard water is the fact that these minerals can shorten the lifespan of your household’s pipes if they build up too much.

Work Being Done By A Water Supplier. If a water supplier is conducting maintenance or any other kind of work in your area, you may be faced with cloudy hot water. If work is going on in your area and your normally clear water is cloudy, there could be a direct correlation.

If you suspect that this is the case, you may want to ask your neighbours about their hot water situations. If they are, that’s a sure sign that it’s not your home’s plumbing that’s the problem.

In this situation, it’s best to wait until the water suppliers are finished with their work. Your water should return to normal after the work is concluded.

Sediment Buildup From Your Hot Water Cylinder. Sediment and debris can build up in hot water storage tanks over time. It’s always a good thing to routinely flush your hot water cylinder if your water heater uses one.

If this sediment builds up too much, it can damage your pipes and reduce the lifespan of your pipes and water heater. We recommend fully draining your water heater storage tank at least once every six months to clear out sediment.

If you suspect that your cloudy hot water is being caused by sediment, fill a glass with the water and let it settle for a few minutes. You should see bits of sediment on the bottom of the glass if sediment is the reason.

Is Cloudy Tap Water Safe To Drink And Use?

The safety of your cloudy water will depend on the cause of its cloudiness. If your water’s condition is caused by tiny gas bubbles that eventually dissipate and leave your water, your water is most likely safe to drink and use.

However, if you’re uncertain of the cause of your water’s cloudiness, the cloudiness doesn’t go away after the water settles or the water is discoloured and has an odd hue, we highly recommend that you don’t risk drinking it. Instead, try to have the situation resolved before you continue using it.

How Do I Fix Cloudy Tap Water?

So, how do you fix cloudy hot water? The best fixes will be based on the cause of the issue, but a few solutions you can consider are:

Filter Your Water. Water filtration systems can make your tap water safer for you to drink. Many New Zealanders prefer having some type of filtration system for the water they drink, regardless of cloudiness.

Flush Your Hot Water Cylinder. If your water’s condition is being caused by sediment buildup, the best thing you can do is to flush your storage tank. Repeatedly drain your hot water cylinder until the water becomes clear and sediment-free.

Consult A Professional. To really ensure your water gets fixed and your water heater is doing fine, the absolute best thing you can do is call a water heating professional. They will have the experience needed to determine why your water is cloudy and how it can be fixed.

Where Can I Go To Resolve All Of My Hot Water Issues In New Zealand?

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