Hot Water System to Renovation – Birkenhead

Hot water solution supplied to clients in Birkenhead. This property had quite large hot water needs with three bathrooms,kitchen,scullery,laundry and a powder room. We installed two Protank hot water systems which covered their needs.

The Protank cylinder package including valves, safe tray and brackets is a very sleek looking and effective system. By having a top mounted all inclusive valve system there is minimal pipework and with fewer potential leak points in the future.

Hot Water System to Renovation first cylinder

The installation of the Protank hot water cylinders for our client in Birkenhead has been completed successfully. The installation process was carried out following the necessary steps to ensure that the hot water cylinders were installed correctly and to current codes and regulations.

We began by turning off the water supply to the home and draining the old hot water cylinders. The old cylinders were then disconnected and removed. The new Protank hot water cylinders were then brought in and positioned in place.

Due to the high demand we also manifolded the hot pipework and ran separately to each fixture, creating less fluctuations when multiple fixtures are being used.

Hot Water System to Renovation second cylinder

After the installation was complete, we tested the hot water cylinder to ensure that it was working efficiently and effectively. Instructions on how to use and maintain the hot water cylinders were provided to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

The outcome of the installation was a reliable and efficient source of hot water for our clients daily needs. The Protank hot water cylinder is made from high-quality materials and is designed to provide efficient and effective heating. With proper maintenance, it can last for many years, providing hot water whenever it is needed.

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