The Comfort and Efficiency of Switching to a Heat Pump Hot Water System

Transitioning from a gas storage or continuous flow hot water system to an Enviroheat heat pump water heater is a forward-thinking decision that provides both immediate and long-lasting rewards.

The changeover process conducted by our experienced technicians is seamless. We carefully decommission the old gas unit by removing the appliance itself, associated LPG pipework, and external water lines. After preparing a stable new foundation, we expertly install your shiny new Enviroheat heat pump hot water system, reconnect all necessary plumbing and electrical components, and configure proper drainage.

Throughout every step, we take great care to ensure your home's infrastructure is left in excellent shape while maximising the performance and longevity of your new heat pump. Once completed, we thoroughly test and commission the installation to guarantee everything is functioning flawlessly before handover.
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Immediate Rewards - Whisper-Quiet Luxury

The most noticeable benefit you’ll enjoy is the heat pump’s whisper-quiet operation. With no combustion or flue fans, the system delivers endless hot water with only a gentle background hum. Peaceful laundry days and luxurious showers await!

Ongoing Benefits - Sustainability and Stability

You’ll also feel good knowing your home’s hot water now comes from a sustainable, eco-friendly power source with a much lower carbon footprint. Additionally, the system intelligently monitors usage patterns and adjusts itself to optimise efficiency while eliminating waste.

We’re proud to give homeowners the power to take control of their energy future. Heat pump technology truly future proofs your home against volatile gas prices. And the systems qualify for government rebates, allowing your investment to pay itself back faster.

Future Proofing for a Greener Tomorrow

Installing a heat pump hot water system is not just about immediate rewards, it’s an investment into a greener future. As environmental regulations tighten and carbon emissions decline over the coming decades, heat pump systems will likely be mandated in all new builds. By installing one now, you future proof your hot water supply, protect property value, and show leadership in adopting renewable technology.

Heat pump water heaters also qualify for government rebates and incentives. So, the modest upfront premium over replacing a traditional gas system is recouped quickly. Heat pump owners can expect to recover the difference in energy bill savings in just a few years.

Simple Maintenance for Reliable Operation

While heat pump systems contain no flames, combustible gases or exhaust byproducts, periodic maintenance is still essential for optimal performance. Basic tasks like cleaning air filters and clearing debris from external radiators can be performed by handy homeowners. We’re also happy to schedule annual servicing by our experienced technicians at exclusive member rates.

Preventative maintenance catches minor issues before they become problems. Your heat pump can then deliver endless hot water and maximum efficiency season after season.

Invest in Innovation

Our Enviroheat heat pump water heating systems utilize cutting edge technology designed specifically for Australian homes. The highly efficient compressor rapidly heats water using CO2 refrigerant and is paired an intelligent controller that minimizes power consumption while delivering hot water on demand.

Enviroheat models feature durable polymer construction that won’t corrode plus fully insulated tanks to prevent standby heat loss. Your system will keep you comfortable for decades while saving money and emissions.

Experience the Satisfaction of Going Green

Making the switch to a heat pump water heater provides lasting satisfaction on two levels – enjoying a superior hot water appliance and the fulfillment of supporting a greener future.

Heat pump technology is no longer just an eco-friendly alternative – it delivers better performance than traditional systems. Endless hot water on demand. Quiet, flame-free operation. Intelligent temperature control. Sleek, modern aesthetics. Plus, dramatic savings on energy bills.

You’ll also feel good each time you turn on the tap, knowing your household’s carbon footprint is greatly reduced. That by investing in innovation today, you are accelerating sustainability for future generations. We take pride in empowering homeowners to chart a cleaner course. Contact us to learn more and experience green living.

Questions? Just Ask.

If you have any questions about transitioning to a heat pump or options for upgrading your existing hot water system, our team is always happy to help! Use our contact us page to reach us and we will be more than happy to discuss your situation. Or give us a call on 0800 497658.

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