Infinity Gas Hot Water in Wellington: Features, Pros, and Cons

Infinity gas hot water systems have become increasingly popular in Wellington homes over recent years. Their efficient and economical operation along with a range of useful features make them an appealing choice for many homeowners.

Here is an overview of Infinity gas hot water Wellington systems, their key features, advantages, and potential drawbacks.

How Infinity Gas Systems Work

Infinity gas hot water systems consist of a gas-fired storage tank and heat exchanger. When hot water is used and the temperature in the tank drops, the gas burner automatically ignites to heat the water again. This on-demand heating means you never run out of hot water. The systems use LPG or natural gas as their energy source. They come in a range of tank sizes to meet the needs of different households.

Key Features

Some of the standout features that Infinity gas hot water systems offer include:

  • On-demand hot water 24/7

  • Energy-efficient – only heats water when required

  • Glass-lined steel tank resists corrosion

  • Built-in frost protection for cold Wellington winters

  • Digital temperature display and controls

  • Built-in sacrifice anode to protect tank

  • Condensing heat exchanger for high efficiency

  • Compact, space-saving design

  • Quiet operation

Infinity gas systems are also WiFi-enabled for remote monitoring and control from smartphones. This allows you to ensure the system is running efficiently.

Advantages of Infinity Gas Systems

There are several good reasons why Infinity gas hot water systems are popular choices in many Wellington households:

Cost-Effective Operation

By only heating water as required, infinity gas systems can lead to significant energy savings compared to many older, inefficient electric cylinders. Their efficient heat exchangers extract almost all available heat from the gas supply. Estimated energy cost savings can be 20-35% over electric.

Reliable Supply of Hot Water

You’ll never run out of hot water with an Infinity gas system. They heat water instantly, on-demand, whenever you turn on the hot tap. The systems are designed to support multiple hot water uses at once if needed.

Low Maintenance

Modern Infinity gas hot water units are practically maintenance-free. They carry lengthy manufacturer warranties up to 10 years for residential installations. The only occasional maintenance recommended is an anode inspection/replacement every 5 years.

Environmental Credentials

Infinity gas systems have good environmental credentials. As condensing systems that recycle exhaust heat, they have efficiency ratings of over 90%. This makes them much greener than many older hot water units still operating in Wellington households.

Potential Drawbacks

However, Infinity gas hot water systems also come with some downsides to consider:

Upfront Cost

The initial purchase price of an installed Infinity gas system can put some buyers off. But fuel savings typically offset the higher upfront cost over time.

Space Requirements

You need sufficient outdoor space for the external gas cylinder and clearance distances. Indoor installation is also possible but needs safety precautions.

Gas Supply Needed

You’ll need piped gas supply to your property for natural gas systems or LPG cylinders for bottled gas. Running new gas lines or cylinders can add complexity and cost to installations.

Not Solar Compatible

Infinity gas systems don’t pair with solar thermal panels like solar-compatible electric or heat pump hot water cylinders. If you want to shift to solar hot water down the track, you will need a panel-compatible cylinder.

Regular Compliance Checks

All gas appliances need regular checks for compliance and servicing requirements. This includes inspecting exhaust flues, connections, gas certification, etc. Extra compliance factors over electric hot water.

Infinity Gas Offers Reliable Hot Water

If the higher purchase price can fit within your budget, an Infinity gas hot water system offers Wellington homeowners a convenient and economical way to heat water. The endless hot water on tap combines with competitive running costs over time. If you’re looking to replace an existing cylinder, an Infinity gas unit is one appealing option to consider for your home.

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