Why You’re Experiencing Low Pressure Hot Water And How To Fix It

There’s nothing like lovely hot water to boost your mood and brighten your day. Whether you’re enjoying the rhythm and pressure of hot water from your showerhead or giving your hands a good washing, heated water with a good amount of water pressure is fantastic. But what if you turn on the faucet and are faced with low pressure hot water? Water with too-low pressure simply won’t do in many situations.

What can you do in this situation? It’s best to take steps to fix your low water pressure as soon as you can to remedy the situation. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to determine the cause of your water pressure. You’ll have an easier time figuring out what to do to fix the problem once you’ve determined the root cause of the issue.

Keep reading to learn more about the following: What you can do to determine the cause of your low water pressure; The most common causes of low pressure hot water and how to fix them; What to do if none of the listed solutions worked or if you’re still unsure why your water pressure is so low.
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How To Examine Your Plumbing For Low Water Pressure

We always recommend contacting a professional to assess and fix your situation. Professionals, like the qualified ones on our Hot Water Solutions team, have all the right experience and equipment to safely and swiftly fix your problem. Trying to DIY potentially complex fixes may result in accidents or mistakes.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do simple things to better examine your situation. You can do the following things to try to figure out what’s going on and possibly learn the cause of your low pressure hot water:

Determine If All Of Your Faucets Are Experiencing The Problem. First, check your other sources of hot water, not just the one that first led you to discover that you’re experiencing low water pressure. This will help you determine if this is a problem with your entire plumbing system or just an issue with a single faucet.

Check Your Faucets For Signs Of Damage. If it is an isolated incident, check your faucet for clear signs of damage.

Check Your Walls, Ceilings And Floors For Water Damage. New visible water damage can indicate further issues with your plumbing.

Check Your Pipes For Leaks Or Damage. Leaky pipes can result in low pressure hot water for your household.

Visually Check Your Pressure Regulator And Water Heater. Finally, see if there are any noticeable problems with your pressure regulator or water heater. We strongly recommend not to try handling anything you don’t know how to handle and leave it to the professionals if you spot any problems.

Common Causes Of Low Water Pressure And What To Do To Fix Them

Do you now know a bit more about your specific circumstances? You can use that info to try and figure out if you’re experiencing any of these common low pressure hot water causes:

Leaky Pipes. When water leaks out from your pipes, it could cause the rest of your home’s water pressure levels to drop. Significant leaking can cause the water pressure to get even weaker. It’s always best to fix leaky pipes sooner rather than later because the leaking water also results in wasted water.

Fortunately, it’s usually not that hard to determine if your pipes are leaking. Check your pipes and see if there’s any dripping or pooled water.

Clogged Pipes. Obstructions in your pipes can make your water pressure drop and are certainly inconvenient. It would help if you always tried to safely unclog your drains and pipes as soon as possible to ensure your household enjoys hot water.

Partially Closed Main Shutoff Valve. Your main shutoff valve is the primary control of your home’s water supply, and a partially closed main shutoff may be the cause of your low pressure hot water. If all of your faucets are experiencing low water pressure, this might be the problem.

Defective Pressure Regulator. If your home has a pressure regulator, low pressure could indicate that yours isn’t working right. Even if you’re sure this is the cause of your problem, we recommend calling a professional to fix it.

Where To Go For All Of Your Water Solutions In New Zealand

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