Water Heater Alternatives: Are Gas Water Heaters Worth the Hype?

As technology advances, more and more water heater alternatives are invented and used by people all over New Zealand and worldwide. On your hunt for a newer and better water heater for your NZ household, you may have heard of gas water heaters before.

Gas water heaters might seem bizarre if you’re used to using a water storage tank for your hot water. How can a water heater work without a tank? Is the hype around gas water heaters worth the cost?

Well, read on to find out! You may discover that a gas water heater is a perfect solution to your home’s hot water needs.

What's So Special About Gas Water Heaters?

Storage tank water heater alternatives, like the innovative gas water heater, may seem odd at first if you’re so used to the standard water heaters of the past.

Gas water heaters are simple to understand – they’re water heaters that don’t use storage tanks. Gas water heaters, sometimes called continuous flow water heaters, heat water when needed.

What Can I Expect From My Gas Water Heater?

The way gas water heaters and other storage-tank water heater alternatives work is intriguing, but does that mean they’re worth the hype and the cost?

You should know that gas water heaters have plenty of benefits. Every type of water heater has its pros and cons, so it’s vital that you learn more about your prospective water heater and what your home needs so that you make the best decision.

Water heaters can last for over a decade. Your decision is very important, and you should do your best to make the right choice the first time. Otherwise, you may have to pay more for a new water heater if your first choice doesn’t work out as well as you’d hoped.

Before you add anything to your cart, know that these water heater alternatives have the following wonderful benefits:

They’re Energy Efficient. One of the best benefits of gas water heaters is that they’re considered very energy-efficient, especially if you purchase a newer model that has a focus on energy efficiency.

Immediately, this is a great choice for people who wish to lessen their impact on the environment and use less energy in their daily lives. Higher energy efficiency means that your water heater is making more out of a smaller amount of energy.

They Can Result In Cheaper Utility Bills. Energy efficiency is good for the world, and it’s good for your wallet! Less energy use means smaller energy bills, and more money stays in your pockets.

This makes storage-tank water heater alternatives a good choice for people who want more control over their water and energy usage.

One thing you may notice immediately when browsing through your gas water heater options is that gas water heaters tend to be pricier than their storage tank-using counterparts. This may seem like a huge turn-off for some shoppers but don’t give up just yet – remember that these water heaters are energy efficient and typically have lower running costs.

Therefore, even though you’ll need to pay a bit more upfront, you can certainly more than make up for that extra money with your savings over the next decade or two.

They Take Up Less Space. One disadvantage of getting a water heater that uses a storage tank is that you need space for that storage tank. Water tanks typically aren’t that small, and you may not enjoy finding room for it.

But, obviously, storage-tank water heater alternatives do not need a water tank, so you don’t have to find space for it. This is an ideal choice for people with smaller homes or for people who enjoy spaces that aren’t as cluttered or busy.

Gas water heaters typically just have the main body of the water heater that you’ll need to have installed. These main parts usually aren’t that large, and it’s often easy to find a good spot for them.

They Give You Hot Water On Demand. Gas water heaters give you hot water instantly, how cool is that? You won’t need to wait for a storage tank to fill up with water before you enjoy a lovely shower.

Storage-tank water heater alternatives heat water as the water passes through the heater rather than heating water and storing it for later.

They Last A Long Time. Water heaters are an investment that can serve your home well for many years. Naturally, you won’t be purchasing a water heater every year or so; you’ll be buying one and then setting it up to be used for a long time.

Standard water heaters typically last around eight to ten years. This is a very impressive lifespan, but it’s not quite as impressive as the projected lifespan of gas water heaters, which can extend to 20 whole years of use.

Of course, the lifespan of your specific water heater will depend on a few factors. Neglect or accidents can cause water heater alternatives to break down quicker.

You can make sure your water heater lasts for a long, long time by:

Checking It Often. It’s not hard to occasionally look at your water heater to check it for malfunctions or obvious signs of damage. You can call a professional to check it out if you notice anything.

Not Overworking It. Try to select a gas water heater that can keep up with your household’s demand. Getting a water heater that’s too small for your home can result in it getting overworked and worn out.

Having It Maintained By A Professional. Water heater alternatives require specific maintenance, just like standard water heaters. Have your water heater checked out by a professional at least once a year to check for issues.

I'm Interested; Where Can I Learn More About My Water Heating Options In New Zealand?

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