6 Benefits & Drawbacks Of Rinnai Hot Water Cylinder

Pleasant hot water is something that we enjoy every day, whether by getting our dishes clean in our kitchen sinks or de-stressing after a long day in a nice hot shower. However, have you ever wondered exactly how your water gets heated so you and your family can use it?

That lovely hot water is all thanks to your home’s hot water cylinder. This fantastic feature takes water, warms it up, and then sends it off to be utilised. Although, like other home features, there are many different brands and versions of water heating systems.

Choosing from these different options can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. So, where should you start, and what brands should you pay attention to?

One fantastic hot water system that you can look into is the Rinnai hot water cylinder.


What Is The Rinnai Hot Water Cylinder?

The Rinnai hot water cylinder is an excellent high-quality water heating system that you can choose for your home. This system runs on electricity and provides you with incredible performance, heating your home’s water with efficiency.

Designed and engineered in New Zealand, this water heating system meets the New Zealand Minimum Energy Performance Standard. In addition, the Rinnai hot water cylinder does not require a cylinder wrap as typical hot water cylinders do, so you can save some money by not having that expense.

6 Benefits & Drawbacks Of Rinnai Hot Water Cylinder

What Are Some Benefits And Drawbacks Of The Rinnai Hot Water Cylinder?

Even though the Rinnai hot water cylinder has many pros, what are some of the cons of this system? Some of the pros and cons of this system are as follows:

1. Pro: This Heater Is Incredibly Efficient.

The Rinnai hot water cylinder has an innovative design that makes it reliable and efficient. The intelligent curved design ensures that up to 98% of your water will be heated, minimising wasted water and saving energy.

More inefficient water heating systems that take longer to warm up your water can end up costing you much more money in the long run. However, by purchasing and installing an efficient system early on, you can ensure that your electric bill will be lower while you and your family enjoy your nice hot water.

2. Con: Because It Is Electric, If You Prefer Gas Systems, You Will Need To Make A Change.

Gas hot water cylinders tend to be a little less expensive when compared to electric, so if you are used to your hot water system being gas, you will need to get used to the transition to electricity.

You should also know that even though gas systems seem to be cheaper, electric systems are usually much more efficient.

3. Pro: The Rinnai Hot Water Cylinder Is An Easy Replacement Option.

If you already have a water heating system installed in your home and you are looking to replace it, then the Rinnai hot water cylinder is a fantastic option for you. This model comes in an array of different sizes, so if you are looking for a specific measurement, you will most likely be satisfied with your new system.

4. Con: Installing A New System Into Your Home Can Be Pricey.

Having a new water heating system installed can be expensive and cost you anywhere from $750 to $1,850 and up! These large numbers can be daunting at first, even if they are affordable when compared to other brands and systems.

However, when you choose to pick an efficient and reliable system, this high up-front cost can save you money in the future.

5. Pro: The Rinnai Hot Water Cylinder Is Reliable And Resistant.

No one wants to spend the money on a new system only to discover that their shiny new heater is weak and breaks easily. With the Rinnai hot water cylinder, you can put those fears down the drain because this system is high-quality and very reliable. If treated properly, it will provide you with lovely heated water for years to come.

This system can be installed indoors as well, making it further protected from outside elements. Its fantastic design makes it reliable under many different water conditions, too.

6. Con: Because It’s Electric, It Will Stop Working If There Is A Power Outage.

Unlike gas water heaters, which will stay operational if your power turns off, an electric system will stop heating water if there is a power outage. This can be unfortunate if you do experience extended power outages.

Who Can I Speak To About My Hot Water Needs?

Are you currently looking to get a new water heating system to replace your old one? If you are, Hot Water Solutions is here to provide you with products that will surely fit your needs! If the Rinnai hot water cylinder sounds perfect for your home, we will be happy to strike a deal with you and get your new system set up in no time.

If you would like to speak to us about setting up a shiny new Rinnai system in your home, please feel free to get in touch with our team through our contact page or call us at 0800 497658

Even if the Rinnai cylinder doesn’t quite fit your needs, we have plenty of other products for you to choose from. Stay warm and cozy with efficiently heated water with Hot Water Solutions!