7 Things You May Not Know About A Hot Water Cylinder

Everyone knows that your hot water cylinder helps keep you and your family warm by supplying you with lovely heated water, but did you know that you can do things to lower your water bill? In fact, there are quite a lot of water heater facts that you might not know that could help you improve your household and your quality of life.

Knowing these little tips, tricks and bits of knowledge and using them to make small changes in your life can help you improve your water usage and lower your utility bills. So, if you want to save some money and be better for the environment, you should strongly consider learning more about your hot water heater.

Keep reading to learn all about some interesting and valuable facts about hot water cylinders!

Hot Water Cylinder

A Few Things You Might Not Know About Hot Water Systems

Your hot water heater is something that affects the lives of everyone in your household every single day. So, it shouldn’t be something you buy once and then forget about until it starts showing signs of issues. Instead, you can keep it running smoothly and efficiently through smart choices and regular maintenance.

A handful of things that you may not already know about hot water systems are:

1. There Are Quite A Few Different Kinds Of Water Heaters. If you don’t know a lot about water heaters, you may be surprised to learn that there are several types that have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, electric water heaters efficiently utilise electricity to heat your water, gas hot water heaters use gas instead, continuous flow tankless heaters do not require a water storage tank and so on.

Certain kinds of hot water cylinders are better suited to certain types of situations. So, instead of selecting the cheapest model or the first one you see, it’s essential that you have a conversation with your technician or the company you are buying from to determine which type is the best for you.

2. Water Heaters Can Last For Over A Decade. One reason why your choice of water heater is so important is that, on average, a water heater can last an impressive ten to fifteen years. So, a bad choice can lead to your household working with a subpar water heater for over a decade, or you will need to spend the money to buy another new water heater.

Other Ways to Save Money

Other Ways To Reduce Water And Energy Bills

3. Newer, More Efficient Models Can Save You Money. Technology is getting updated all the time, and intelligent technicians and engineers are constantly finding better, more efficient ways to make our lives better. So, if your hot water cylinder is rather old, chances are there are newer models on the market that could save you money and energy.

4. Tankless Water Heaters Might Be A Better Option For You. As their name implies, tankless water heaters are convenient water heaters that warm water on demand. These wonderful fixtures do not need a bulky water storage tank. So, they may be the perfect choice for homes or buildings with limited storage space.

5. There Are Many Ways You Can Lower Your Water Usage And Utility Bills. Have you noticed that your water or heating bills are a little high? If you have, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of things you can do to lower your costs. Simple things like turning off your tap when you’re not using it, using cold water instead of hot and being mindful of how much water you use can all help you save water and energy.

6. You Can Lower Your Water Heater’s Thermostat. Most hot water cylinders come with their thermostat set to a specific factory setting. But, not everyone needs their water to be that hot. You can lower your water heater’s thermostat to make it a bit colder, which will save energy because your heater will not need to use as much power to heat your water.

7. Replacing Your Water Heater When It Becomes Damaged Or Broken Is Very Important. Malfunctioning heaters can break or even give you dirty and contaminated water, which can be dangerous to you and your family. Therefore, if you notice any signs of your water heater breaking or malfunctioning, it’s crucial that you contact your technician or a helpful company like us at Hot Water Solutions to help you stay safe and comfortable.

Where You Can Go To Learn More About Your Hot Water Heater

At Hot Water Solutions, all we do is hot water, and we’d love to help you find the greatest solution for all of your hot water needs. We are happy to help New Zealanders keep their homes cosy and warm with our wide selection of efficient hot water cylinders.

We are also available to come and check your home’s water heating system to make sure it’s running smoothly or to check if you need a replacement. If you have noticed something off about your heater, or if you have any other questions, you can easily reach us through our site’s contact page or by calling us at 0800 497658. to get in touch.

Make sure your household’s water heating system is efficient and running correctly with us at Hot Water Solutions!