Heat Pumps – A Reliable Heat Source That Saves Time and Money

You’ll have to make a few important decisions when it’s time to replace your household’s water heater. For example, how much is your budget? How’re you going to have it installed and maintained? And, perhaps the most important question; what kind of water heater will you get? If you’re interested in saving some energy and money, you should strongly think about getting a heat pump hot water heater.

Heat pump water heaters are highly valued for their energy-efficient and eco-friendly qualities. Anyone who wants to lessen their impact on the environment – and the monthly impact on their wallet – will love this kind of water heater.

Keep reading to learn all about how this innovative water heater works and why it would benefit your home.

Hot Water Heat Pump Work

How Heat Pump Heaters Work

When hearing of this kind of water heater, the first thing many people think of is, ‘What separates this kind from the others? What makes it special?’ Every type of hot water heater has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s critical to understand your options before you choose.

Heat pump hot water heaters are special because they don’t pull in water and heat it using gas or electricity; instead they draw heat from the air and use that to warm your water. It’s basically the same technology used in refrigerators – but instead of removing hot air from inside your fixture to keep it cold, it removes heat from the air around it to heat water.

Heat Pump Hot Water Save

Save Energy And Reduce Your Utility Bill With A Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pump water heaters certainly are unique regarding water heating methods, but even after learning how they work, you might still be wondering how this can benefit you.

An awesome benefit of this kind of water heating is that it’s outstandingly energy efficient. A heat pump hot water heater needs less energy to work when compared to standard electric or gas water heaters. In fact, a typical heat pump water heater can use up to 70% less energy than a traditional water heater. [Internal Link – ‘Heat Pump Hot Water’]

This is where you will see a difference in your heating bills. It’s simple; when you use less energy, you pay less money, and you save more each and every month.

Did you know that hot water production is the second most energy-consuming utility in a typical household? When you cut down on your energy consumption by this much, you’ll quickly see smaller energy bills.

You may be intimidated when looking for heat pump hot water heaters because modern models are typically more expensive than you’d expect. These high-quality heaters use innovative technology to heat your water efficiently, so it’s only natural that the best models cost a little more. Some individuals may be put off by the price and opt to get cheaper, but less energy-efficient models to save on upfront costs.

However, you should know that your monthly savings will more than make up for the higher base price. You’ll have your money back in just a few short months when you use your heat pump water heater right.

Saving money every month isn’t the only benefit of using an energy-efficient heat pump hot water heater, either. Reducing your energy consumption in any way is also a wonderful way to reduce your environmental impact. When you use less energy, you’re putting less of a demand on the world and fuels around you, overall helping the planet. Your actions still count even if you’re just one person changing one water heater in a single household.

For those who want to help the world and encourage others to follow in their footsteps, purchasing and installing a fantastic new heat pump water heater is a great start. Your friends and acquaintances may do the same when it’s time for them to replace their old water heaters.

Where To Find Solutions For All Of Your Hot Water Needs In New Zealand

Now that you know what makes heat pump hot water heaters great, do you want one for your home? Our team at Hot Water Solutions would love to help you find your incredible new water heater. At Hot Water Solutions, all we do is hot water, and we’re thrilled to help people all over New Zealand with our top-tier water heaters.

We don’t just sell heat pump water heaters, either. We also have plenty of other fantastic options for you to choose from. Are you more interested in electric or gas water heaters?

Purchasing and installing a brand new hot water heater is a big decision that’ll affect your home for many years. For some assistance with your decision, we invite you to call us at 0800 497658 for support.

Cut down on your energy consumption with hot water heat pumps and save money with us at Hot Water Solutions.