Everything You Need to Know About Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement

Your home’s hot water cylinder is incredibly important; it provides you and your family with hot water! New Zealanders use and enjoy hot water every single day for a vast array of different reasons. Without a good water heater and cylinder, your home may not be able to have hot water when you need it.

So, what should you know about water cylinders, their installation, maintenance and replacement?
Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement


Before you purchase any kind of substantial household fixture, you should always take the right steps so that you make the best choice possible.

Consider these steps if you need to have a new hot water cylinder installed:

  • Always Choose To Shop From A Reliable Company.

First and foremost, only purchase your new products from reliable companies with your best interests in mind. Trustworthy companies will be very clear about their policies, prices and services, and they’ll do their best to provide you with a water cylinder that fits your needs.

  • Determine Which Product Is Best For You.

Once you know which seller you’re going to buy from, go ahead and find the product that’s best for your household. You’ll have plenty to choose from. You can contact your seller for assistance if you’re unsure which to get.

  • Purchase Your New Water Cylinder.

Naturally, when you know what hot water cylinder you want, go ahead and buy it!

  • Arrange For Your New Cylinder To Be Installed, And For Your Old One To Be Dealt With.

Once it’s purchased, your new water cylinder will be installed. It’s always best to have your new water cylinder installed by a trained professional who knows what they’re doing.

Don’t forget about your old water cylinder. It will need to be removed so that the new one can be installed.

  • Ensure You Know How To Use And Maintain Your Wonderful New Water Cylinder.

Once everything is installed, you can begin to enjoy your high-quality new water cylinder! Always ask your seller or the friendly professional who installed your cylinder about proper usage and maintenance if you are not used to the model that you purchased.

Remember, routine maintenance and care will help your water heater and hot water cylinder stay in good condition for a long time.


Water cylinders have a projected lifespan of eight to ten years. But, proper care and high-quality models can push that number up to fifteen years or more.

Caring for your home and your useful fixtures, like your water heater and cylinder, will keep your home comfortable and issue-free for longer than expected. Having a broken or malfunctioning water cylinder means that you may not be able to use hot water until you get it fixed or replaced, which can seriously disrupt your everyday life.

Fortunately, there are plenty of easy things that anyone could do to maintain their hot water cylinders. If you notice anything wrong with your cylinder that looks complicated, be sure to entrust the work to a qualified professional rather than trying to tackle the issue yourself.

You can do the following to maintain your water cylinder:

Routinely Inspect. This maintenance tip is extremely easy – just go and see your water cylinder and check how it’s doing. Does it seem to be working fine, or is it clearly having issues? You may not be able to detect every issue present, but if anything’s noticeable, you can take proper action.

Drain The Tank Annually. You should fully flush out your hot water cylinder yearly to drain out sediment that’s built up on the bottom. This sediment can cause damage over time, so flushing it out is crucial.

Insulate The Tank And Pipes. Insulating your tank and pipes can prevent heat loss.


It could be time to replace your water cylinder if you notice any of the following:

The Cylinder Has Surpassed Its Projected Lifespan. Just because your cylinder is older doesn’t mean it can’t work, but you still may want to replace it so that you can upgrade to a modern model.

The Cylinder Makes Strange Sounds. Do you notice any strange sounds coming from your water cylinder? There may be something wrong with it, and you may want to replace it.

The Cylinder Isn’t Working Correctly. If your water cylinder isn’t holding water correctly, or your water is noticeably discoloured or strange, you may want to replace it.

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