Understanding Benefits Of Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

When it’s time to buy a brand new hot water cylinder for your home, you may be surprised at your vast number of options. There are far more types of hot water cylinders than the average person realises! You may have trouble selecting a new system if you don’t know a lot about the different water systems.

Your water heater is absolutely essential for your home. It provides you and your family with comforting hot water every single day, and it’s so useful that if it were to break down, you’d probably notice immediately. Furthermore, the average hot water system can last for over a decade. So, making the right choice is paramount.

But, how do you know which kind of hot water cylinder is right for you? This article will go into detail about what unvented hot water systems are and will help you decide if they would be a good choice for your home.
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What Is An Unvented Hot Water System?

Basically, an unvented hot water system is a water heating system that doesn’t have a cold water storage tank. Instead, it is connected directly to your cold water supply and heats up the water from there.

You are probably used to water heaters being attached to bulky water storage tanks because many other types use storage tanks to function. While having a tank isn’t exactly a bad thing, it does come with its pros and cons. If you prefer a tankless water heater, getting an unvented hot water cylinder could be the best choice.

Why Should I Consider An Unvented Hot Water System For My Household?

The idea of having a tankless hot water system sounds appealing, but are there other reasons why you should get one of these heaters? Listed below are some of the most important benefits that these wonderful water heaters can offer you:

They’re Safe. Unvented hot water systems are designed to safely withstand great internal force and handle large volumes of water every day. So, well-designed unvented water systems are very safe.

Of course, you can ensure that your hot water cylinder stays safe and functional by regularly maintaining it and having it inspected. A neglected water system is more likely to break down or become dangerous over time as damages happen and sediment builds.

Therefore, to protect your family and keep the lovely hot water flowing, it’s recommended that you routinely have your water heater inspected by a qualified technician. You should do this around every six months or so. A professional can spot little issues and problem areas that you most likely won’t notice, so you should do this even if your water heater seems totally fine.

Their Installation Is Typically Fast. Unvented hot water cylinder installation is generally rather quick because you don’t have to worry about installing a storage tank alongside it. An experienced professional should be able to make quick work of your system, and you will soon be able to enjoy efficiently-heated water.

Naturally, not every water technician is the same, so an unqualified and inefficient technician won’t be as fast as an experienced professional. Therefore you should always hire a trustworthy professional when installing your new water heater and inspecting it to ensure it’s installed correctly and maintained well.

They Save Space. An obvious benefit of using a tankless water heater is that you will save a whole lot of space when you use one. Water storage tanks can be bulky and massive, so they aren’t ideal for homeowners who want to save space.

Getting a tankless water heater is the perfect solution for people in small homes or who simply dislike clutter. You can free up space and get a wonderful new hot water cylinder in one step.

They Generally Have Good Water Pressure. Poor water pressure can result in unsatisfying showers and other troubles. So, people who value good water pressure will love unvented water systems because they generally offer fantastic water pressure.

This is because unvented water systems get their water directly from the water supply, so your hot water can travel directly to you and keep its strong pressure.

Where You Can Go To Learn More About Your Hot Water Options In New Zealand

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