Pros & Cons of Different Types Of Hot Water Systems in 2022

Hot water is an incredible commodity that we utilise and enjoy every day. And, to continue enjoying pleasantly heated water, it’s imperative to know where it comes from – your hot water heater. Water heaters come in different models and designs, and each kind offers pros and cons that you should know about if you want to shop smartly. For example, three of the most popular water heaters are electric, heat pump and gas hot water heaters.

If you have never had to shop for a water heater before, you may be wondering, ‘why should I care which model I get? They all give me hot water, don’t they?’ While it is a fact that each one of these three kinds of heaters will provide you with comforting hot water, each still has its perks and downsides, so getting the best one for you can truly enhance your experience.

While there are more kinds of water heaters than just electric, heat pump, and gas, most people consider these three main kinds for their homes. But, it is also crucial to remember that if you have any questions or doubts, one of the very best actions you can do is speak to the seller themselves. Here at Hot Water Solutions, we’d be happy to help you in any way we can.

As you try to decide which water heater type will be best for your home, you can consider the following:
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Gas Hot Water Heaters

In New Zealand, gas water systems are generally widespread. As their name implies, these outstanding systems use gas to power up and heat your water before sending it around your home. These hot water systems can be ideal for people who have access to natural gas to easily supply their water heater with power.

A few pros and cons of gas water heaters are:

Pro: Monthly Costs Are Lower. Once your water heater is up and running, you will most likely have to pay less each month for your heated water.

Pro: Quickly And Efficiently Heats Water. Unlike many other water heaters, gas heaters are relatively very fast. So, even if you’re just turning the heater on, you should be able to enjoy warm water whenever you need it.

Con: They Can Be More Expensive To Initially Buy. Even though monthly costs may be lower, a gas water heater’s upfront costs may be intimidating if you’re on a budget.

Con: May Require More Maintenance. A gas heater might require regular maintenance more often than other kinds of heaters.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Electric heaters are often compared to gas heaters with their individual advantages and disadvantages. Unlike gas hot water heaters, electric heaters work on electricity and can offer their own benefits that may be better for certain individuals.

A few pros and cons of electric water heaters are:

Pro: Typically Easier To Buy And Install. If you care about how much your heater will initially cost, then electric systems will be appealing to you because they tend to be less expensive to purchase and install.

Pro: Less Maintenance. For a system that you can simply install and then enjoy, an electric heater may be best for you because it is relatively low maintenance. Although, if you want it to last a long time and be as efficient as it can be, you should still conduct regular maintenance.

Con: Higher Monthly Costs. Despite its lower initial cost, unlike a gas hot water heater, your monthly bills may be larger.

Con: Will Not Work Without Power. If your power supply is cut or a power shortage occurs, you will need to wait until the power returns before using hot water again.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

The third type of water heater for you to consider is a heat pump water heater, which heats water by transferring heat from one place to another. Of course, this excellent kind also has its share of advantages.

A few pros and cons of water heaters are:

Pro: They Are Very Efficient. These heaters are designed to be incredibly efficient with water and energy.

Pro: They Are More Environmentally Friendly When Compared To Electric And Gas Hot Water Systems. If you care about being green and eco-friendly, these might be perfect for you.

Con: They’re Expensive. A heat pump system’s initial costs may be a bit pricey.

Con: They Don’t Heat Water As Quickly. While gas water heaters will get you hot water very quickly, heat pump heaters may need a little more time to get the job done.

Who Can I Look To For All Of My Hot Water Needs In New Zealand?

Here at Hot Water Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping New Zealanders supply their homes with wonderful heated water. Our store has many different kinds of water heaters, so you can easily find the perfect system for you.

We sell all three of these kinds of water systems, so if any of them interest you, come check us out!

Do you have any more questions? If you would like to learn more, you can visit our contact page or give us a call at 0800 497658. Or visit our contact page to message us.  Supply your home with a lovely water heater from Hot Water Solutions!

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