Hot Water Conversion from Gas to Cylinder in 2022

Conversion from gas to hot water cylinder is not an uncommon activity these days. There are several reasons why a home owner would do this. Lets look at a recent conversion and look at the process involved.

The home owner had originally installed a continuous flow gas hot water system. In running the rental the owner wanted to explore other options for several reasons. First, to reduce the units on the rear of the property (visual), second to reduce the requirement as a rental to have gas bottle exchanges occurring every half year or so and finally to simplify the rental accounts to just the power bill.

We will go over the process with the owner. This article was written mainly by the home owner so we simply provide the blog as is.
conversion gas to cylinder

Planning for the Conversion

Discussing the conversion from gas to cylinder with Hot Water Solutions was the critical first step. I knew what I wanted at a high level but needed someone to discuss the ability to make the changeover.

Jed from Hot Water Solutions came over and looked at the project from a fresh set of eyes. He walked me through the different options available and the many sizing and colour options to work through.

I had gone through various websites Jed pointed me to in order to make an informed decision. After a review we settled on the Thermann unit. The Thermann is built in Australia so pretty local for New Zealand and the company makes some very nice units.

Thermann Hot Water Cylinder

The Thermann unit for a two bedroom rental was perfect. It delivers the higher kW power so heats water super fast and efficiently and allows plenty of capacity.

The look of the unit is great. We super liked the colouring, while not a major decision making point, we wanted to ensure this fitted in the surroundings well. What worked well is the height of the unit fitting under the windows and sort of just blending in normally.

The Thermann hot water cylinder is a nice piece of kit, with simple connections and a tidy form factor. We look at the rear of this property so ensuring the simplicity and aesthetic lines was important for us.

On the previous few days, I was called by Josh and we worked through the timings and logistics of what was going to happen. While this is a little thing to do, it certainly makes the entire process stress free.

The Process from Gas to Cylinder

Josh turned up right on time with his team. Nice vans, clean and tidy. They really enjoy what they do! Josh walked me through the steps involved for the day, basically reiterating the steps we went over on the phone introduction:

  • Around 7:30am they would start the work and liaise with the tenant and timings on the electrician
  • The removal of the gas bottles and gas unit was made. The bottles were moved out the way and strapped to the fence for safety for the gas company to pick up
  • The new unit unpacked and placed exactly as needed. And Josh asked if I would like the cylinder packed to provide spacing for painting the wall in the future, which I agreed was a good thing to do. The cylinder was rotated slightly to put the piping to the sides, again a visual thing for tidyness
  • All copper piping added and safety strapping in place on the unit itself
  • The electrician turned up and made the required circuit connections
  • All packaging removed. Also the team asked if I wanted the holes filled with sealant to protect the house exterior. And finally black covers placed over the pipes to keep colouring similar to the painting
  • End to end, a few hours. Totally tidied up, no mess. Impressed with this project

Image taken before of existing Gas Unit

before gas conversion

Who do I go to for hot water upgrades or servicing?

Hot Water Solutions do brand new installations, upgrades, crossover conversions and servicing. The process we just went through was fantastic and cannot recommend these guys enough!

And now from Hot Water Solutions themselves:

Do you have any more questions? If you would like to learn more, you can visit our contact page or give us a call at 0800 497658. Or visit our contact page to message us.  Supply your home with a new or replacement water heater solution from Hot Water Solutions!

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