Gas Hot Water Cylinder vs Tankless Water Heater: Which is Better?

We all use and enjoy heated water every day, and that heated water is supplied to us by our dependable water heaters. Excellent water heaters, like the Rinnai hot water cylinders you can purchase for your home, can give you a great supply of comforting heated water every day. But, as you look for a new water heater for your home, you’ll notice that you can get a standard heater that uses a tank or a tankless model. Which type is best for you?

Like other types of water heaters, standard and tankless water heaters have their advantages that could affect whether or not they’re good for your home. You should always be well-informed before you choose your new water heater because this decision can affect the comfort of your home for many years.

What Are These Water Heaters?

First, you should understand the main differences between the two as you look at your selection of Rinnai hot water cylinders.

Standard gas hot water cylinders use water storage tanks that store hot water when you don’t need it. These tanks require their own maintenance, and you’ll need enough space to safely house them.

On the other hand, continuous flow tankless water heaters require no tank. Instead, these water heaters heat water on demand without stopping to store it.

These simple differences have pros and cons that homeowners should be aware of before they purchase their new water heater.

What Are The Major Qualities Of These Two Types Of Water Heaters?

It’ll be helpful for you to know about the different points and qualities of these water heaters. That way, you can examine what you want from your Rinnai hot water cylinder, and you can make an informed choice.

You should know about:

Upfront Costs. When you look for your new water heater, you’ll undoubtedly look at price as a big deciding factor. Purchasing and installing an entirely new hot water heater is a big decision!

Standard hot water heaters that use storage tanks are typically cheaper to purchase than tankless water heaters. This may seem like a simple choice to make for people who wish to save money, but it would be best if you also factored running costs into your decision.

Running Costs. This refers to the amount of money it takes to keep your water heater running, such as how much you’ll need to pay on your monthly utility bills. Although tankless water heaters cost more when you initially purchase them, they also typically have lower running costs.

Space. A tankless Rinnai hot water cylinder will naturally take up far less space than a water heater that needs a storage tank. So, the tankless variety is a good choice for people who have limited space or people who enjoy neater, less full spaces.

Maintenance. Water heaters with water storage tanks typically have easier, simpler maintenance than tankless gas water heaters. So, maintenance costs for standard storage water heaters may be cheaper than your maintenance costs for tankless water heaters.

Please remember that routine simple maintenance and checkups for any kind of water heater will prolong its lifespan and keep it running smoothly. Even if nothing seems wrong, it’s good to ensure proper upkeep.

Energy-Efficiency. Tankless Rinnai hot water cylinders are considered more energy efficient than their storage tank-using counterparts. [External Link – Tankless water heater pros and cons] This energy efficiency will translate into lower energy bills and a lower environmental impact.

If you’re interested in lowering your energy usage and environmental impact even further, regardless of what type of water heater you have, you can take steps to use less heated water. For example, you could make it a habit to only use hot water when you absolutely have to, or you could fix leaks as soon as you notice them.

Lifespan. Water heaters are known for lasting for many years, often over a decade. Standard water heaters that use storage tanks typically last from eight to twelve years, although their model and upkeep will all factor into how long they last.

Conversely, tankless Rinnai hot water cylinders can last for over twenty years. Higher-quality models may be able to last even longer than that.

You should always maintain and take care of your water heater if you want to maximise its lifespan and potential. A well-maintained water heater of any kind can last for years, but a neglected water heater may break down far sooner than expected.

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