The Impact of Hot Water Heat Pumps on your Electricity Bill

We all want to enjoy lovely heated water every day, and we also want to keep our bills low and manageable so that we stay financially stable. Is there any way you can continue to enjoy infinite hot water without worrying about building up your electric bill to an unreasonable degree?

In fact, yes! There are a few things you can choose to do to lower your bills while continuing to enjoy heater water. For one, you can invest in a well-designed hot water heat pump to provide your home and your family with wonderfully warm water.

How can a hot water heat pump reduce your bills? Read on to find out!
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What Are Hot Water Heat Pumps?

First of all, if you’ve never heard of them before or don’t know much about them, you might be wondering; what is a hot water heat pump water heater, and how do they differ from gas or electric water heaters?

Heat pump water heaters are innovative water heaters that use a clever way of heating water to provide you with infinite hot water. Instead of creating heat from fuel, heat pumps transfer heat from one place to another to heat your water.

So, they can move heat from the air and put it into your water, which you can then use and enjoy as normal.

Can A Hot Water Heat Pump Really Lower My Electricity Bill?

The water heating method that heat pumps use is beneficial in several ways. For one, it can lower your electricity bill. Your exact savings may vary depending on the type of heat pump water heater you purchase and how much water you use.

Heat pump water heaters use much less energy than typical gas or electric water heaters, meaning they’ll have less impact on your monthly utility bills. Even if you use the same amount of infinite hot water with your heat pump water heater as you would with a typical gas or electric water heater, you’ll most likely save money and energy.

Your energy savings could be maximised if you choose a high-end water heater that’s designed specifically to be energy efficient.

Plus, you can also adopt smart water usage habits to lower your bills. A few easy things that you can do to reduce your water and electric bills are:

Use Cold Water When You Can. Not every water-based action needs hot water; consider using cold water unless hot water is necessary.

Turn The Tap Off When You Brush Your Teeth. This simple action can save quite a lot over time.

Fix Leaky Pipes As Soon As You Can. Leaks may seem like a minor nuisance at first, but those drops add up!

Why Else Should I Get A Heat Pump Water Heater For My Household?

Infinite hot water at a lower price sounds wonderful, but is there anything else you should know about the advantages of heat pump water heaters?

You will be happy to know that there are so many reasons why you should get a heat pump water heater, even if you don’t focus on electricity usage or the price of monthly bills. These advantages could mean that a heat pump water heater is perfect for your household.

A handful of these benefits are:

A Long Projected Lifespan. Standard water heaters typically last around ten years, depending on their model and how well they are maintained over the years. However, standard heat pump water heaters have a projected lifespan of an impressive fifteen years.

Please note that the projected fifteen years is not a set limit – if you take good care of your heat pump water heater while enjoying infinite hot water, it could last even longer. So, this straightforward investment could serve you well for a long time.

A Reduced Carbon Footprint. Less energy usage means less of an impact on the environment. So, by getting a heat pump water heater, you’re helping yourself and the world in one easy step. Talk about a win-win!

A Safer Choice. Because heat pump water heaters don’t generate their own heat but rather transfer heat from one place to another, they have a far less chance of becoming dangerously overheated. This means that you and your family members will have less of a chance of suffering from accidental burns.

If your household has small children or pets, you may want to get a heat pump water heater because it’s a safer option.

Where Can I Go To Learn More About My Water Heating Options In New Zealand?

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