Hot Water Heat Pumps – Know What Make These Systems The Best

Hot water heaters are wonderful fixtures that make our lives more comfortable. We enjoy their services daily, even if we don’t realise it! So, when it’s time to buy a new kind of water heater, figuring out which type to get can be tough. Do you choose hot water heat pumps, gas water heaters, electric water heaters or something else?

Each one of these types of water heater has its pros and cons, so there isn’t really one that’s better than the rest. Rather, different types of water heaters are best for different types of households and lifestyles.

So, to figure out which is best for you, you should look at several things, like what you want from a water heater and what you need.
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Types Of Hot Water Heaters And Their Biggest Benefits

As technology continues to improve, so do water heaters. Classic gas water heaters, contemporary electric water heaters and even innovative heat pump hot water heaters all have great benefits that might appeal to you.

It would help if you looked at all your options before making your final decision. Fully understanding your choices will help you make a great decision. Of course, if you still have trouble determining which kind of water heater is best for you even after you learn about these three types of heaters, you should strongly consider contacting your seller to ask more detailed questions.

Three of the most popular types of water heaters, and their top advantages, are:

Gas Water Heaters. A gas hot water heater, whether it’s the traditional kind that uses a tank or a space-saving continuous flow gas water heater, is a very good choice for nearly any New Zealand household. These reliable fixtures are very common due to their efficient nature and good lifespan.

Some notable qualities of gas water heaters are:

  • They’re Very Efficient.

Like heat pump hot water heaters, gas water heaters are generally very efficient. In general, you should have an easy time finding a great efficient gas water heater.

  • Relatively Lower Monthly Running Costs.

Because they’re efficient, they also use less energy to heat up water. So, you can happily look forward to seeing a lower water heating bill every month. Gas water heaters, especially the newer and better models, tend to be a bit pricier than other types of water heaters. But these lower running costs make up for that extra money.

  • They’re Usable During Power Outages.

If a power outage ever occurs, you’ll still be able to use your hot water.

Electric Water Heaters. Electric water heaters are also pretty popular when compared to heat pump hot water heaters and gas water heaters. They use electricity to generate heat and warm up water.

Their advantages include:

  • Lower Upfront Costs.

Unlike gas water heaters, electric water heaters typically have lower upfront costs.

  • Less Maintenance.

An electric water heater typically only requires basic maintenance to run properly. You may want to have a technician inspect your heater once or twice a year to be safe.

  • They’re Available In Many Sizes And Models.

You’ll have plenty of options and a variety of models available to you when you shop for an electric water heater.

Hot Water Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Water Heaters. Finally, there are heat pump hot water heaters. These inventive water heaters take heat from the air and transport it into your water.

Their wonderful benefits include:

  • They’re Outstandingly Efficient.

The most notable advantage of heat pump water heaters is that they are incredibly efficient. When compared to electric water heaters, they use far less electricity, so you can expect even more savings on your monthly utility bills. Your exact savings will depend on the water heater you are replacing, what kind of model you buy, what kind of area you live in and so on.

  • They Can Cool The Air Around Them.

Heat pump water heaters heat water by taking in heat from the air around them. So, with this heat taken away, the air around them is cooler and more pleasant. Many people enjoy this lovely side effect, especially during the hotter months.

  • They’re Safer Than Most.

Heat pump hot water heaters do not generate heat from fuel. So, they’re often considered much safer than other types of heaters because they’re less likely to cause burns.

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