Hot Water Heat Pumps – A Reliable Heat Source That Saves Time and Money

There are many kinds of water heaters that you can select for your household. You have undoubtedly heard of the very popular gas hot water heaters or electric water heaters, but have you heard of heat pump hot water heaters? These innovative water heaters have many incredible advantages that others don’t, so they may be perfect for your home.

You’re probably looking at your options if it is time to purchase a new water heater. People will often go for the same type of water heater they’re replacing, but why not look at your options and change things up?

Technology is continuously improving, and so do water heaters. Heat pump water heaters have become increasingly popular because, in certain circumstances, they can save you quite a lot of money.
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What Are Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters?

Most water heaters, and heaters in general, use an energy or fuel source to generate their own heat. They then use this heat to heat water so you can use it in your household.

Heat pump heaters, on the other hand, are very unique because they don’t actually generate heat themselves. Instead, they draw in heat from the air surrounding them and then transfer that heat into the water you need.

This inventive way of heating water has its perks that can really benefit your household – and your wallet! Once you read about these incredible advantages, you may want to get a heat pump hot water heater of your very own.

The benefits that you should be aware of are:

They Can Save Money On Utility Costs. One of the first things people wonder about buying a new water heater is ‘can it save me money?’ Of course, everyone wants to save some money here and there, especially if there are ways to do so without much effort.

Some people find that the operating costs of heat pump water heaters are around fifty per cent lower than standard water heaters. Your exact savings will depend on your household’s specific circumstances, the climate in your area, how much you use your water heater and so on.

They’re Generally Safer. Heat pump hot water heaters don’t generate their own heat, so they have less of a chance to overheat and burn people who get too close. This quality makes them a good choice for households that have vulnerable family members, adventurous children or curious pets.

They’re Better For The Environment. If you want to lower your household’s carbon footprint and be better for the earth, then you’ll be pleased to know that heat pump water heaters are generally much more environmentally friendly than standard water heaters. These heaters don’t use as much electricity as most other models which means that they’re more eco-friendly.

They Can Cool And Dehumidify Your Air. As mentioned above, because heat pumps draw heat in from the surrounding air, this means that heat is removed from the air around the heat pump, and the air becomes cooler. Heat pump hot water heaters can also save you even more money by lowering your cooling costs in the summer.

Furthermore, this air processing quality can also remove moisture from the air, lowering your home’s humidity levels.

They Have A Long Projected Lifespan. Heat pump water heaters tend to last a bit longer than standard water heaters. Typically, you can expect a regular water heater to last around a decade, but heat pump water heaters are expected to last ten to fifteen years.

You can prolong your water heater’s life with proper maintenance and routine inspections.

When you think about it, this process can be very advantageous. Taking heat from the surrounding air requires less energy than creating heat from nothing. Plus, removing heat from the air is a nice side effect during the hotter months.

What Everyone Should Know About Heat Pump Water Heaters

As you now know, heat pump water heaters can bring you many incredible advantages! These perks can really improve your quality of life.

The key points that you should remember are:

  • Heat pump hot water heaters may save you money by reducing your monthly utility bills. They use less energy, therefore, have lower operating costs.
  • These water heaters are considered more eco-friendly than most because they use less energy than normal.
  • They can last for over a decade, and you can improve their lifespan with proper maintenance.

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