How to Maintain Your Gas Hot Water Cylinder for Maximum Efficiency

Even though you might not interact with it every day, your gas hot water cylinder is a crucial part of your household that you need to maintain properly. Your hot water heater provides you with lovely heated water every day, so you should do your best to take proper care of it.

Luckily, regular maintenance isn’t that difficult. The average person can handle the majority of these tips without issue. Although, of course, if you have trouble with any of these maintenance tips, you should call a professional for assistance. A well-trained professional is the way to go to minimise risk and maximise benefits.

Read through this article to learn how to care for your gas hot water cylinder easily.
Repairing Hot Water Cylinder

Easy Tips To Help You Keep Your Hot Water Cylinder Running Smoothly

Some people only tend to their hot water cylinder when they notice that it’s running oddly or has a very obvious problem, but this is a bad idea. Improper maintenance, or no maintenance at all, can lead to issues that might be expensive.

As you’ll soon learn, these tips are pretty easy to act on. So, routinely caring for your hot water cylinder to keep it in good condition is a far better choice than letting it be until it shows signs of problems. Plus, upkeep will most likely make your gas hot water cylinder last for a longer time.

You can do plenty of things to maintain your hot water cylinder. A few that you should consider are:

Drain The Tank. If your hot water system uses a water storage tank, then sediment can build up in the tank over time. This sediment can cause damage if left to build up and can rattle around in the tank. So, you should occasionally completely drain the tank to wash out any sediment.

You should keep draining the tank until the tank in the water is clean and free of sediment. You may have to drain the tank multiple times to get all of the sediment out.

Adjust The Temperature. Your gas hot water cylinder will be set to a certain temperature when you first get it. Most systems are set anywhere from 49 to 60 degrees Celsius, but you might be fine with a lower setting. Did you know that you can readjust your hot water system’s temperature on your own?

More Tips

When you set your system to a lower temperature, it won’t have to work as hard – or use as much energy – to heat your water every day. Therefore, lowering the temperature makes it easier for your water heater to do its job, plus it can lower your energy bills.

Make Sure You’re Using The Right Size For Your Household. Different gas hot water cylinders are better for different households. Is yours right for your home? Naturally, smaller water heating systems are better for smaller households, and larger households should use larger systems.

If your water heater is too small for your household, it could be running too hard to provide you with the water you need. This high demand can have negative effects on your water heater. So, please ensure your water heater is appropriate for your home and how much water you use.

Not sure what size water heater to get? Don’t be afraid to speak to your water heater supplier to ask for their professional opinion.

Check For Leaks. Gas hot water cylinders are connected to pipes so that it can supply your home with water. If any of those pipes are leaking, you could face serious problems! Check your water heater and your pipes for leaks or damages. If you find any, please get them fixed by a professional right away.

Leaks can lead to water damage, wasted water and higher water bills.

Switch To A Newer Model. Sometimes, the best thing to do is upgrade to a newer model. Newer water heaters are usually more efficient than older models, so a simple upgrade can work wonders.

Some types of water heaters are better suited for certain kinds of homes. Perhaps there’s another kind of system that’s better for you? For example, why not try a tankless water heater? Continuous flow heaters are generally very efficient and ideal for certain lifestyles.

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