Hot Water Heat Pumps Will Save You Money on Your Energy Bills

So, it’s time to get a new water heater for your home – should you replace your old one with an exact copy or should you expand your horizons and explore your options? As technology improves, so do your water heating solutions, so you should strongly consider looking into newer, more innovative water heaters like hot water heat pumps.

But what exactly is a heat pump water heater, and how can it benefit you? Keep reading to learn all about why this type of water heater is growing in popularity all over the world.
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What Is A Heat Pump Water Heater?

You are most likely used to water heaters that generate heat from fuel like gas or electricity, so you’ll probably be surprised to learn that heat pump water heaters actually don’t generate their own heat.

\You’re probably wondering, ‘how exactly can a water heater function if it can’t generate its own heat?’ The answer is simple; rather than generating heat, a heat pump hot water heater simply transports it.

Hot water heat pumps can draw in heat from the air and transfer it somewhere else. So, it can take that heat and then put it into your water for you to use. This innovative heating method comes with quite a few advantages that could benefit your home.

Why Should I Get One For My Household?

Now that you know just how a heat pump water heater works, you probably have questions like:

How Does This Save Money And Energy? This is probably the biggest question on your mind. After all, you don’t want a new water heater that wastes energy and money, no matter how interesting its mechanisms are. In the average home, water heating is typically the largest item on your utility bill after basic heating.

You’ll be glad to know that heat pump hot water heaters are extremely energy-efficient, especially if you purchase a newer model. These water heaters tend to use less energy than their gas or electric counterparts, and these savings will show up on your monthly energy bill.

Typically, because a heat pump water heater draws heat from the air, they will be more energy-efficient and productive during hotter months.

Exactly How Much Money Can I Save? Hot water heat pumps save money, but how much money do they save? Of course, your exact savings will depend on your habits and the model that you buy. But, on average, people have found that they save up to 70% on energy bills.

Are These Models Safer Than Standard Gas Or Electric Water Heaters? Because a heat pump hot water heater doesn’t generate its own heat from fuel, they are often considered much safer than heaters that do. They are far less likely to cause burns. This wonderful quality makes them a great choice for households that have vulnerable family members, like small children or pets.

Are Heat Pump Water Heaters Good Or Bad For The Environment? Besides the energy and money savings, another big concern you may have is how eco-friendly they are. No one wants to get a new fixture that’s awful for the environment, even if it is more convenient.

So, you’ll be thrilled to learn that heat pump water heaters are better for the environment than most standard water heaters. This is because they use less energy. When you use less energy, you put less of a strain on resources and thus have a smaller impact on the natural world around you.

Basically, getting a wonderful new heat pump hot water heater is a win-win for both you and the environment. You can enjoy a reduced energy bill, and the world will appreciate you lowering your impact.

What Kind Of Heat Pump Water Heater Should I Get? Have you decided to look for a wonderful heat pump water heater to replace your home’s old water heater? Well, there’s still one big decision to make; what kind do you get?

For best results, you should consider contacting someone on our Hot Water Solutions team to get feedback based on your circumstances. In general, getting a newer model is a good idea because their advanced technology often makes them more energy-efficient than older models.

Where To Go For All Of Your Water Heating Solutions In New Zealand

For all of your hot water needs, speak to us at Hot Water Solutions. We are thrilled to help New Zealanders make smart choices that’ll help their homes stay comfortable.

Have a look at our heat pump hot water heater section to see your options. We also have plenty of other types of water heaters that you can browse through.

For expert help making your decision, we encourage you to call us at 0800 497658. or make contact through our site’s contact page to get in touch with our helpful team. We’d love to assist you!

At Hot Water Solutions, we do our best to make your life better!

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