Get the Facts About What Makes Gas Hot Water Heaters Economical to Use

Gas hot water heaters are a very popular choice in many households across New Zealand. Those who need to replace their old water heaters have most likely been recommended a fine gas water heater, but are they the best choice for you? What specifically makes gas water heaters great?

Being well-informed about what you are buying will help you gain confidence in your decision and make a good choice. When you find the right water heater and practise good habits, you may be able to save money while enjoying excellent hot water every single day.

Are gas water heaters a good, economical choice? Read on to find out.

Top Reasons Why Gas Water Heaters Are An Excellent Choice For New Zealand Households

Gas hot water heaters are typically separated into two groups – gas water heaters that use a water storage tank and tankless gas water heaters. Both of these types of gas water heaters have their own benefits that could suit your lifestyle.

No matter if you purchase a tankless water heater or a water heater that requires a storage tank, if you choose gas, you can expect to enjoy these awesome advantages:

Fast Service. Gas water heaters are known to be quick, even faster than standard electric water heaters. In fact, some gas water heaters are twice as fast as their electric counterparts.

If you like fast service and getting lovely heated water whenever you want, then you’ll love using a gas hot water heater. You won’t have to sit around waiting for your water to heat up when you use one of these.

Cheap Running Costs. Along with being a quick water heater, these systems are also pretty cheap to run when compared to others. Particularly, newer, more advanced systems with better designs and technology are often designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. These perks mean that you will most likely see smaller water heating bills every month.

Naturally, we all love to save some cash here and there. You can save money without changing your water usage when you use one of these water heaters. Although, you should also remember that you can change your lifestyle in minor ways to cut back on your water usage and save even more money.

For example, if you are mindful and only use hot water when you absolutely need to, you’ll save energy and money.

Some people may notice that gas hot water heaters often have higher upfront costs. While this is true, especially for newer and more advanced systems, the savings from using these high-quality heaters will more than make up for those upfront costs.

They Can Work Even During Power Outages. If you use an electric hot water heater, then you’ll be out of luck if you ever lose power. Because electric water heaters use electricity, they cannot run when the power’s out, and you’ll have to deal with cold water until you regain your power.

But, because gas water heaters use gas, you can still happily use them if an electrical outage occurs.

Fast And Straightforward Installation. The process of installing a brand-new gas water heater is typically pretty quick. More often than not, your experienced technician will be able to install your new heater in an efficient and timely manner.

Once it is installed, all you need to do is occasionally maintain it and maybe routinely have it inspected and maintained by a professional technician.

Having a convenient tankless gas water heater installed is perhaps even faster than having a standard water heater installed. Tankless gas hot water heaters don’t need a water storage tank, so you won’t need to free up space for a new tank.

What To Look For When You Buy Your Own Gas Water Heater

Not every gas water heater is the same, and some may have specific features that fit your life better. As you shop, pay attention to:

The Specifications Of Your Selected Model. Hot water heaters typically last for over a decade, so picking the right one is important! Thoroughly read the description of whatever you are going to buy.

The Price. Stick to your budget and select a high-quality water heater that you can afford and comfortably enjoy.

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