Heat Pump Hot Water NZ: An Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Home’s Hot Water Needs

Let's discuss the heat pump hot water nz and why should every house in New Zealand have this.

You come home after a long tiring day on a cold chilly day in New Zealand. So, the first thing you do after coming home is to step into the shower. The warm water pours on you and your muscles relax and the fatigue of the whole day is washed away.

So, this device is a hot water heat pump NZ. It is an energy efficient device that will meet all your hot water needs.
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What is a Heat Pump Hot Water?

It is a device that heats the water of your house to meet your domestic needs. It provides you and your family with hot water without any hassle and is super friendly on the environment as well.

It is different from the typical hot water cylinder heaters because it functions quite differently from them – they are  also known as modern and hybrid heat water.

It has new-age technology that provides essential benefits to you. So, what is this new-age technology? You may want to know so let’s discuss it.

How Heat Pump Hot Water NZ Works?

The heat pump hot water works on the principles of thermodynamics. It works much like refrigerators only in reverse in order to heat the water.

It means that the heat pump hot water unit doesn’t warm the water itself. Unlike traditional cylinder heaters, it doesn’t use any resources or energy to change the temperature of water.

Its main principle is to extract heat energy from a low-temperature source and deliver it to the high-temperature source.

It means that a water pump takes heat energy from outside air, water, or the ground. Now, you may be asking how heat can be in the chilly weather. Well, heat is in every source, and the water pump’s task is to extract it.

It uses that heat to warm water inside its own tank or cylinder. Let’s understand this procedure in detail.

Heating The Water

The heat pump hot water unit uses various elements and technology to heat the water. These are:

  1. The heat pump uses a refrigeration cycle to absorb heat from the outside.

  2. Then, it uses a compressor to amplify the heat. It increases the temperature of it. The pump uses a refrigerant for this process.

  3. This heated refrigerant can heat the water. Now, it will pass that warm water to your tank or cylinder.

  4. You can use a thermostat to regulate the temperature according to your needs and weather conditions.

This is how it builds and keeps the water temperature warm. You notice that it doesn’t use any source of electricity to warm the water. It just took the heat from one source, amplified it and then transferred it to another.

The compressor is the main element in it. This compressor uses a small amount of electricity to operate the heat pump.

But, its main benefit is it doesn’t take as much electricity as a typical electric hot water heater takes. So, the electric bill will be significantly less.

Moreover, there are two types of hot water heat pumps. You should know about them before installing any heat pump.

Types of Heat Pump Hot Water Units

In New Zealand, there are two types of heat pump hot water units. These pumps are of different sizes, and prices and are suitable for different types of houses. So, you should know which one is suitable for your household needs.

Split System

A common heat pump hot water unit is known as a split system. In this system, there are two main units:

  • Cylinder

  • Compressor

The compressor unit contains the condenser, coil, fan, and compressor. This unit extracts heat from any outdoor source and amplifies the heat.

Then, through refrigeration lines, it provides that heat to the cylinder unit. This unit is installed generally outdoor as well alongside the compressor unit but not always.

This system is a little bit difficult and time-consuming to install as there are two units and connecting pipes and electrical wiring to install.


A monobloc is quite different from a split system. Because it contains only one all-in-one unit.

This unit contains every component such as the compressor, fans, refrigeration circuit, and heat exchanger and of course the water cylinder itself.

So, this heat pump hot water unit is best where outdoor space is a premium and you want everything all combined. You also don’t need to install any complex wiring for this system.

It means this system is very simple to install so you don’t need to worry about the installation process.

Now, you may ask why you should buy the heat pump hot water. What are the benefits of buying it? So, let’s see it.

Benefits of a Heat Pump Hot Water NZ Unit

There are various benefits of having a heat pump hot water unit for your property. It is an eco-friendly option so it is better than electric heating and gas heating.

How is it better than traditional heating sources? Let’s discuss it.

Less Energy Bills

Every one of us wants lower energy bills. Because typically we spend at least 40 percent of their energy bill on warming water. The heating water is their biggest electricity consumption source.

Even the sound of it is pleasing to our ears. The heat pump hot water unit can make this possible.

We have already told you that it uses heat from the outside to warm the house. So, it doesn’t use much electricity or resources to generate heat. It only needs minimal electricity to operate.

So, it can reduce the energy of heating or cooling by 40%. The pump can produce 3-5KW of heat from 1KW of electricity.

For one kilowatt per hour of heat, the pump only takes 3 to 16 cents. On the other hand, a traditional water heater can cost you 19 to 40 cents for one unit of heat.

When you increase the temperature, the energy consumption can increase by 5 to 10 percent for every degree you increase.

So, you should keep this fact in mind while making any changes to the thermostat for any heating unit.

No Safety Concerns

This pump doesn’t heat water itself so it is safe to use. There are no safety risks related to it as they can be from gas or electric heaters.

Because this pump only transfers heat from one source to another. It doesn’t heat water itself so there are fewer chances of it getting overheated.

Less Carbon Footprint

The heat pump hot water units produce much less greenhouse gas as compared to traditional electric heaters or gas hot water heaters.

The electric hot water heaters can produce three times more greenhouse gas than the heat pump units. Also, the gas heater can produce seven times more greenhouse gasses than the pump units.

EECA has also identified the efforts of heat pumps in general in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

So, if you are concerned about the efficiency and don’t want to contribute to global warming, you should definitely go for this option. It will also help you in meeting the global environmental goals of New Zealand.

Renewable Heat Sources

The heat pump hot water unit uses freely available energy from the air to heat water – nothing more renewable than the sun’s energy!

Long Term Investment

These units can also remain with you for many years. So, investing money in them is a wise and long-term decision.

Moreover, they are easy to maintain. You don’t need to worry about their repairs frequently because these are made to high quality standards with generous warranties.

But, I will suggest you go for a detailed inspection of your unit once a year. Ask a professional to check it for any signs of wear and tear. This practice will make your heat pump’s life long.


These heat pump hot water units are versatile and known as a hybrid solution. They are versatile in the sense that you can switch from the heat pump mode to the electric heating mode according to your requirements, say if you wanted an extra boost of water heating.

Moreover, it has a thermostat so you can control its temperature too. This temperature can be according to your hot water needs.

Where in NZ can you go to get cylinder repairs?

So, this is all about the hot water heat pump NZ. You have seen how efficient it is for New Zealand people as it complies with the Government’s new order and is a great eco-friendly option.

That’s why you should have it at your home. If you have any other questions regarding the hot water pump, you can contact us. We will be more than glad to answer your queries.

If you want to know where to buy the water pump and how to install it, give us a call on 0800 497658.

At Hot Water Solutions we try our best to give quality and affordable services to the people of New Zealand.

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