Hot Water Cylinders Central Auckland: How to Choose the Right Size and Type for Your Home

Hot water cylinders are an essential part of any Central Auckland home. After all, how will you live life happily and comfortably without hot water? Hot water systems allow us to take soothing showers, hot baths, wash things efficiently and do many other things that help us live nicely.

But you shouldn’t just go online and pick out the first hot water cylinder you see. These fixtures come in different sizes and types, so you’ll need the right one for your home.

Did you know that some hot water cylinders can last for fifteen years or even longer with good maintenance? You’ll want to choose the right one so that your family will be happy with lovely heated water for those long years.
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How To Choose The Right Size Hot Water Cylinder For Your Home

Hot water cylinders come in a few different sizes, so you’ll need one that suits your Central Auckland home well. 

If you choose a cylinder that’s too small for your demand, it might be unable to keep up with your home’s water usage. Plus, you could overwork it, causing it to break down quickly. 

If you choose a cylinder that’s too large, you could be wasting time, space and money because you don’t need one that big.

There are a few factors that go into what size you should choose. Think about:

  • How Much Space Do You Have? A larger-capacity hot water cylinder will take up more space than a small-capacity hot water cylinder. Where are you going to install your new fixture? Make sure you fully understand the size requirements for your new cylinder so that you know you have the space for it. New hot water cylinders aren’t much help if they can’t even fit on your Central Auckland property.
  • How Much Water Do You Use?someone’s basic  It takes around 50 litres of water to meet hot water needs every day. However, many people in developed countries, like New Zealand, use much more than that. You’ll want a water heater that can keep up with your household’s demand.
  • How Many People Are In Your Household? The more people there are, the more water gets used. How many people are in your household? How much water does everyone typically use?

These factors are typically different for everyone, so you’ll want to reflect on all three points before you settle on a size. On average, good choices for hot water cylinders in Central Auckland are:

  • 180 Litre Cylinders: Ideal for 2-3 person households
  • 250 Litre Cylinders: Ideal for 2-5 person households
  • 300 Litre Cylinders: Ideal for 3-6 person households

If you’re having trouble determining the best size for your home, you can also speak to us at Hot Water Solutions for some help!

What To Think About When Selecting The Right Type Of Water Heating System

Even if you know the perfect size for your new hot water cylinder , you’ll still need to determine the best type of hot water system for your home. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks; one might be better for you than the others. 

Namely, three common hot water system types in Aotearoa are gas, electric and heat pump. 

Gas Hot Water Heaters

As its name implies, gas hot water heaters use gas to operate. One awesome perk of gas-powered water heaters is that they can operate during power outages.

  • Cost. At first, gas hot water heaters tend to be a bit pricier than electric ones. The cost to buy a new one might be higher, depending on the model you buy. However, they typically have lower operating costs, so don’t let the initial price drive you away.
  • Efficiency. Although they’re cheaper to run, gas hot water heaters tend to be less efficient than electric ones.
  • Lifespan. Gas hot water heaters last for an average of eight to twelve years before they need to be replaced. You should know that they can last longer with proper care.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Electric water heaters run on electricity and don’t need gas to operate. Many people choose electric water heaters when shopping for new hot water cylinders in Central Auckland. 

  • Cost. Electric water heaters are often considered a cost-friendly choice because they are usually cheaper. They generally have higher operating costs than gas water heaters. As with any type of hot water heater, higher-quality models are often more efficient and more affordable to run.
  • Efficiency. Electric hot water heaters are considered more efficient than their gas counterparts. 
  • Lifespan. Electric water heaters often last longer than gas hot water heaters, with an average lifespan of around ten to fifteen years.

Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

Heat pump hot water heaters aren’t as common as gas and electric heaters, but they have plenty of benefits that could make them perfect for your home. They’re a very unique kind of system because they don’t generate heat on their own. Instead, they transfer heat from the air into your water.

  • Cost. Heat pump hot water heaters usually have higher initial costs, which could scare away some buyers. But don’t let the higher price intimidate you. Heat pump hot water heaters are very efficient, and they save a lot of money on operating costs every month.
  • Efficiency. Heat pump hot water heaters are renowned for being extremely efficient. This makes them better for the environment and better for your wallet!
  • Lifespan. These water heaters have an impressive lifespan and often last for fifteen years or longer. They could last even longer with good maintenance.

Where To Go For All Of Your Hot Water Needs In Central Auckland

Turn to us at Hot Water Solutions for all of your hot water needs in New Zealand! We’re happy to provide Kiwis with hot water cylinders in Central Auckland, along with all of the services needed to install and maintain them.

Check out our online store to see the many products we have available.

If you have any questions about anything we do or provide, you can easily reach us through our site’s contact page. Or you can simply call us on 0800 497658 if you’d like to speak to us; we’d gladly help you.

At Hot Water Solutions, all we do is hot water, and we’re here for you!

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