Maintenance Requirements Of A Heat Pump Water Heater

Once you get your new heat pump hot waterheater NZ installed, your work does not just stop there. For your water heating system to stay in top condition you will need regular maintenance and check-ups.

Here at Hot Water Solutions, our team of expert plumbers and gas-fitters will help you make sure your system continues working great.
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What Is A Heat Pump Water Heater?

This system is a water heat fixture that uses electricity to move existing heat, rather than creating its own heat like most water heaters. These systems use this acquired heat to then warm up your water. They are very eco-friendly and energy-efficient when compared to other water heating systems.

If you want a hot water heat pump but are also concerned about your carbon footprint, this is a good choice for you!

Along with maintaining other types of water heating systems, we have decades of experience in providing hot water to New Zealand residents. When you work with Hot Water Solutions, you are working with the best.

Why Do You Need Water Heating System Maintenance?

While it may seem tedious to stay on top of regular maintenance, keeping your water heating system working as it should is very important. Annual examinations can identify problems, prevent small issues from growing larger, and assure that your system is working properly.

After all, you don’t want your system to suddenly break down, leaving you and your family with no hot water and the need to buy an entirely new water heater!

What Kind Of Maintenance Do You Need?

As with most systems, heat pump water heaters have different parts that should be regularly examined and managed. If you are inexperienced, this maintenance can seem intimidating.

But don’t worry, when you work with Hot Water Solutions you are working with people who have decades of experience and know exactly what to do!

So, what kind of maintenance does your water heating system need? Our team of specialists are prepared to handle anything you need help with!

Cleaning: As your heater works, it can collect dust and debris. While a lot of this dust can be brushed away yourself, some of it may collect in harder-to-reach areas of your heater. Additionally, sediment and debris can collect inside your heater’s tank. During maintenance, our specialists will clean your system properly, inside and out.

Fix Leaks: If your water heater is leaking in any way, our specialists can identify and remedy the problem. The lost water can mean your system isn’t working as efficiently as it should be. Additionally, along with causing a mess that you will need to clean up, leaking water can lead to other problems such as mould.

Check The Pressure Relief Valve: Water heaters equipped with storage tanks have pressure valves to indicate the system’s pressure levels. If these levels are not regulated properly, the tank itself could burst. While this may seem scary, our professional technicians can check your system’s pressure to assure that you are safe.

Regulate The Heater’s Temperature: If your water heater’s temperature is set too high, it can become a hazard that may burn you or your family. If your heater is set too low, your water may not be heated to a comfortable level. Our specialists will be able to set it to a comfortable level that will avoid possible burns and keep your water at the right temperature.

Identify Possible Improvements: If our specialists identify any areas where you can improve your heat pump water heater’s efficiency, we can help you adequately update your heater to increase its productivity and save you more money on your energy bill.

Where Can You Find Specialists To Conduct Maintenance?

At Hot Water Solutions we have a team of master plumbers and gas-fitters to assure that you are getting the best service in Auckland and around NZ! Our specialists will visit your home and assess your system, making sure your water heater is in top condition.

Or, if you are interested in replacing your current system altogether and installing a new one, we can help you with that as well. We offer a range of water heaters that will surely satisfy you.

Ready To Manage Your Water Heating System?

Now that you know why you should regularly schedule maintenance for your heat pump water heater, it’s time to make sure your system is working properly! If you would like to learn more or get in touch with our team to get a specialist to your New Zealand home, contact us at 0800 497658 for further information.

Don’t wait until your water heating system breaks down, let us make sure it is working properly and that it stays that way!

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