Safe Trays Installation

It is best practice to install a safe tray under all storage hot water cylinder installations to protect against damage/loss to building/dwelling that the hot water cylinder is located in and damage/loss to any adjoining dwellings.A faulty/leaking hot water cylinder can cause a large amount of damage.

Safe Trays Installation

Where a tray is required:

  • When a storage hot water cylinder is being installed in a new building/dwelling
  • When a storage hot water cylinder is being installed in a renovation that did not previously have storage hot water

Where a tray is not required:

  • When replacing an existing storage hot water cylinder that already complies under previous building code requirements
  • In buildings that are not classified as household units.Unless the adjoining building is classified as a household unit
  • In buildings solely used as commercial buildings.This includes offices and warehousing
  • For under bench boiling/hot water units