6 Benefits Of Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

If you’ve been looking into replacing your old hot water heater, you might have come across a continuous flow hot water system. This type of hot water cylinder, also known as an ‘infinity’ hot water system, can be a powerful, practical improvement to your plumbing without breaking your bank.


6 Benefits Of Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Here are six great benefits a continuous flow hot water system can offer your household:

1. Endless, On-Demand Hot Water

You’ll always get hot water when it’s your time in the shower, even if you’re stepping in after your teenager’s had an hour-long wash. A continuous flow gas water heater means that you’ll never have to deal with cold showers in the middle of the harsh New Zealand winter again.

2. Better Cost-Efficiency

A gas continuous flow hot water system offers you outstanding performance at exceptional prices. Their efficiency means that they can cost much less to run compared to old, inefficient electric cylinders. If you already have natural gas lines installed in your home, for instance, for your gas stove, installing a continuous flow hot water system can be even cheaper.

As water is heated on-demand, the water doesn’t have to stay hot when it’s not being used. This means that you won’t have any standing losses or use energy to maintain the temperature of the stored water.

3. Excellent Water Pressure

Gas continuous systems run on mains pressure, which means that they’re built for power. If your current water heater is a low pressure one, you’ll experience transformed showers once you make the shift to a continuous flow gas water heater.

4. Free Up Storage Space

These hot water heaters are compact boxes that mount externally on your house. That makes them an excellent option if your home or area has limited space. As they don’t need cylinders to store water in, they take up far less space than a standard water storage system. Free up valuable storage space in your cupboards when you switch to a continuous flow hot water system.

5. Better Safety

You can install a controller to set your hot water at a temperature of your choice. That will prevent water from reaching excessive temperatures and risk burning or scalding you. Thus, a continuous flow hot water system means better peace of mind, especially if you have children in the house.

Best of all, you can even set the bathwater level and temperature, so your bath will stop filling once it’s done.

6. More Features For The Same Price

Continuous flow gas hot water heaters work far more effectively than electric cylinders, but this improved functionality does not come at a higher cost. They’re similar in price to their older counterparts and aren’t more expensive to install, either.

The exact price will depend on the model of heater you choose as well as the layout of your home. A skilled gasfitter, like the team at Hot Water Solutions, can advise you on the best water system for your home and needs. If you’re ready to say goodbye to cold showers, contact us at  0800 HWSOLU (497658) for a free quote today.